Tips for Keeping Periodontal Disease at Bay

The best way to prevent periodontal disease is by coming in to the dentist’s office for professional cleanings at least once every six months, while also making sure to brush and floss at home each day. According to Dr. Peggy S. Lowney DMD, a popular dentist in Butte, MT, the key to preventing periodontal disease is diligent cleaning and at-home care.

Of course, Dr. Lowney explains that she frequently sees patients who are past the point of prevention. Periodontal disease is often referred to as a silent disease because many people suffer from it for years without realizing they have this serious condition. Thankfully, the Butte, MT, dentist offers a program at her office designed specifically for people who fall into this category.

If a patient is a non-surgical periodontal patient – which means this person will not be undergoing periodontal surgery to treat his or her condition – then Dr. Lowney would most commonly recommend undergoing a periodontal screening during the time of the patient’s semi-annual professional cleaning and exam. During this periodontal screening, the Butte, MT, dentist measures any pockets along the patient’s gum line. If the patient’s pockets are in the “danger zone,” as Dr. Lowney calls it, then the Butte, MT, dentist will get to work cleaning the area thoroughly with specialized tools and floss.

When a patient has large pockets along his gum line, that means he has areas along the teeth that he cannot get to with a toothbrush or floss. When this occurs, the periodontal disease will continue to increase and bone loss will occur. At Dr. Lowney’s office, this situation is easily identified and recognized with the periodontal screening. Dr. Lowney also offers education to the patient, and follows up with a treatment called root debridement therapy.

Root debridement therapy is actually a very deep cleaning. Dr. Lowney gets the patient numb before the cleaning occurs, then gets to work cleaning out the deep pockets along the gums. The patient is also given some special tips on how to keep up oral hygiene at home – usually things the person should have been doing before, like flossing daily. Dr. Lowney will give the patient special tools if he needs them, like customized brushes.

Patients with periodontal disease should come back for professional cleanings more often than patients who do not have this condition. Dr. Lowney recommends that patients come in for periodontal maintenance appointments at least once every three to four months. These appointments are like basic cleaning appointments, however they are a little more tailored to periodontal disease and Dr. Lowney says the cleanings are more detailed in nature.

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