Tips for Decreasing Dental Anxiety

Visiting the dentist can be an intimidating experience for someone who hasn’t been in for quite a few years. According to Cincinnati pediatric dentistry specialist Dr. Robert Petrtyl, the best way to get over dental anxieties is by working with a dentist who puts communication above all else.

At his office in Cincinnati, the pediatric dentistry specialist prides himself on his patient communication techniques. Dr. Petrtyl and his expert staff spend time explaining every step of the dental procedures and treatments they are recommending to their patients. By slowing down and telling patients exactly what is going on in their mouths, rather than jumping in and starting new treatments right away, Dr. Petrtyl has been able to cut down on the dental anxieties and phobias his patients suffer from.

Dr. Petrtyl goes on to explain that he has built his Cincinnati pediatric dentistry practice on patient education. He believes that the more a dentist educates his patients with regard to what is going on in their mouths and what disease they may be suffering from, the more that dentist can generally alleviate the fears and anxieties his patients are dealing with. Patients who understand what is going on in their mouths, and understand why a dentist is recommending certain treatments or procedures, have been shown to have less anxiety about going to the dentist in general.

When he isn’t taking the time to talk to his patients about what is going on inside their mouths, Dr. Petrtyl says he’s making sure to work in a very gentle way. The Cincinnati pediatric dentistry expert always makes sure that his patients are comfortable before beginning any new treatment, and he makes sure that any anesthetic he has administered has gone into effect.

Although medications do not generally eliminate the fears that some patients have about going to the dentist, they can make certain treatments more comfortable. Additionally, most patients admit they are more likely to visit the dentist when they know they will be pain-free for the duration of their treatments. At his office in Cincinnati, Dr. Petrtyl uses certain oral medications like Valium, as well as nitrous oxide to relax patients with extreme fears.

The atmosphere of a dental office can do a lot to reduce the apprehensiveness that some men and women have about visiting the dentist, which is why Dr. Petrtyl and his team pay careful attention to the way they conduct themselves and the words they use when communicating directly with patients.

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