The Pros and Cons of Sedation Dentistry

For people who are anxious or nervous about having dental work done, there are far more pros to visiting a sedation dentist in Anchorage than there are cons. According to Dr. Terry J. Preece DDS, sedation dentistry makes it possible for patients with severe anxiety to see their dentists for routine care and treatments.

The main benefit for patients who opt to visit a sedation dentist in Anchorage is that they can remain completely relaxed while they get dental work done. In fact, Dr. Preece says most patients who undergo sedation are so groggy that they sleep through their appointments. Despite their groggy states, Dr. Preece says dentists can still wake up patients who’ve undergone oral sedation if they have immediate questions that need to be answered.

Sedation dentistry patients are aware enough to wake up and answer questions while their procedures are going on, but sleepy enough that they usually do not remember what happened when they come out of their sedated states. Dr. Preece says from his perspective, it’s important that his patient who’ve undergone oral sedation don’t lose their swallowing reflex, and that they can usually follow basic instructions.

In most cases, patients who have undergone oral sedation are relaxed enough that a dentist can prop open their mouths while they sleep. Dr. Preece says he can get more work done in less time when he’s treating patients who are not apprehensive about the dental work that is being done inside their mouths. Sedation dentistry makes it possible for even the most fearful patient to become relaxed.

Of course, nothing is without its downsides. As a sedation dentist in Anchorage, Dr. Preece says the downside to sedation dentistry is that patients who are under oral sedation are usually “out of it” for the rest of the day. These patients need to have someone who can take them home from their appointments and sit with them for a few hours afterward until they are back on their feet. Sedation dentistry patients should not plan on doing much for the remainder of the day after their dental appointments, besides resting and taking it easy.

For the majority of people, the pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to sedation dentistry. Dr. Preece says being a sedation dentist in Anchorage makes it possible for him to treat many patients who otherwise would be too apprehensive to visit a dentist in the first place.

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