The Phases of Dental Implants

Most people do not get dental implants overnight. Rather, the process of placing and restoring dental implants is something that goes on over a period of time, explains Dr. Peggy S. Lowney DMD. A dentist who specializes in dental implants in Butte, Montana, Dr. Lowney says that a number of professionals from related disciplines are involved in a typical implant placement process.

The process of placing an implant almost always begins with the patient losing one or more teeth. Dr. Lowney says the most common reasons for tooth loss are trauma or extraction. If someone has a tooth pulled, or if the person needs a tooth pulled because he had a fractured tooth or a root canal that failed several times, then dental implants in Butte would typically be considered as the next best option to keeping the natural tooth.

Once Dr. Lowney has determined that a patient can be considered a good candidate for dental implants in Butte, she will refer the patient to a local periodontist. Dr. Lowney works with a very good periodontist who goes by the nickname Mr. Magic because he has never had a case go bad. This periodontist will put in the implant, he will follow up on the implant, and once the implant is actually integrated with the bone he will send the patient back to Dr. Lowney’s office.

At this point, Dr. Lowney will put the crown on the implant. The crowns that go on dental implants in Butte are very different from the crowns that go on otherwise diseased or decayed teeth. It takes some very specialized and precision laboratory parts to create the types of crowns that go on dental implants, and Dr. Lowney says these crowns go above and beyond what normal crowns would entail.

After a patient has had a crown put on top of his dental implant, Dr. Lowney says it is important to be very careful with cleanings. People with implants need to come back in for their six-month professional cleanings, and they need to keep up with hygiene at home. Most people with dental implants will get cleaning directions from the periodontist who places their implants, however Dr. Lowney says she also works with people who only have implants as a way to hold in their dentures. These patients typically come in for professional cleanings every three or four months, mainly as a way to make sure their gum tissue is in healthy shape and their teeth are looking good.

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