The Intersections of Medicine and Dentistry in San Diego

Can a dentist handle any kind of dental emergency? Are dentists always able to deliver immediate dental care for any sudden condition? This and many other questions are posed by countless patients across the country. Whatever your dental condition is, you may rightfully wonder if there’s a San Diego emergency dentist around should you need a root canal at 3:00 am, or a crown for a chipped tooth on a Sunday morning. As the owner of Alpha Dental, Daniel Vinograd says that he or his stalwart partner can take care of up to 95% of immediate dental needs. Nonetheless, some circumstances would make Vinograd think twice.

Not all immediate dental needs can be cured by an emergency dentist in San Diego. As you might expect, there are areas where dentistry and general medicine overlap. For example, consider jaw pain. The condition of teeth and the presence of gum disease or decay near nerves could influence jaw pain. Likewise, other nervous factors or bone-related issues could affect jaw pain. A significant part of some dental practices is jaw pain. But so is a significant part of some medical practices. A dentist like Vinograd needs to understand the overlaps between medicine and dentistry, because sometimes a patient needs a dentist, sometimes a doctor, and other times both.

There are times when general medical injuries take precedence over dental injuries, says Vinograd. Say a person was in a car accident. Among the multiple injuries sustained are those in the oral cavity. But what if the accident victim has internal bleeding, hemorrhaging, broken bones, or bruised organs? Obviously, says Vinograd, the other medical emergency would take precedence over the work of a San Diego emergency dentist.

That said, Vinograd and his partner are fairly comfortable working on most any dental condition. The two leading San Diego emergency dentists met in Guatemala doing dental work for patients whose oral cavities were in dire need of help, but these were patients who may never have visited a dentist in their lives. Vinograd refers to this period as a time when he and his partner rolled up their sleeves and got involved with serious emergency dental surgeries under lots of pressure. In the 30 years since, the two partners feel like they’ve seen every kind of dental ailment.

Even though they feel they’ve dealt with the gamut of dental needs, the San Diego emergency dentist and his partner maintain that if a patient suffers from heart disease or diabetes that is not under control, those conditions need to be handled before dental work can begin. It’s for safety’s sake. To make this process easier on patients, Vinograd works closely with many doctors, keeping up a rapport that allows patients to be helped in one realm and then in another.

Vinograd believes there’s a strong link between gum disease, heart disease, and cancer. Therefore, he works with local cardiologists to drum up awareness of the interrelated nature of dentistry and medicine. As Vinograd has said, many dental ailments can be linked to other medical ailments that require treatment first.

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