The Importance of Dental Health in Frankfort, KY

We all know that visiting the dentist should be part of our health routine, but often people ignore their dental health, even though an unhealthy smile is extremely difficult to hide.  We avoid the dentist for a number of reasons; whether we suffer from fear and anxiety about sitting in the dental chair, are worried about costs, or are apprehensive about the potential pain involved during or following a procedure.  But the Frankfort, KY dentists at Family Dental Center are here to help put your concerns aside.

Regular dental cleanings and exams should take place every six months for patients with healthy gums and every three months for those who are suffering from gum disease, says Dr. Dwight Patrick Peters, a dentist at the center.  These checkups are important to prevent tooth and gum disease.  “It’s the old cliché,” says Dr. Peters, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  People can cite various reasons for why it’s important to maintain your dental health, but that’s really what it comes down to, which is why the Family Dental Center recommends regular cleanings for all their patients.

The dental office also offers sedation dentistry for Frankfort, KY residents who suffer from a fear of the dentist, even for the smallest of procedures such as filling a cavity or fixing a chipped tooth.  Unfortunately, it is the delay of such small dental procedures that can cause bacteria and decay to spread and lead to major problems for your teeth and gums.   But luckily the experts at Family Dental Center in Frankfort, KY provide sedation dentistry to help ease anxious patients through everything from simple fillings to more in-depth procedures like tooth extractions, dental implants, gum therapy, and more.

Dr. Peters, an expert in sedation dentistry for the Frankfort, KY dental center, says that, for the most part, the patients decide whether or not they need to be sedated during a dental procedure.  When Dr. Peters has only just walked into the exam room and a patient is sweating from his or her brow, that tells him that the patient’s anxiety is such that he or she is probably a candidate for sedation dentistry.

Whether you are in need of professional teeth cleaning or suspect that you may already have a cavity or other dental problem, Family Dental Center is available to provide a comfortable, relaxed environment and help ease your fears about visiting the dentist.


Dr. Dwight Patrick Peters is a dentist at Family Dental Center

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