The Dangers of Leaving Chipped Teeth Alone

According to Roxanna Buchanan of Foothill Dental Care, the most prominent dental condition that requires the attention of a dentist in Pleasanton, CA, is chipped and broken teeth. For many different reasons, says Buchanan, dental patients can’t stand to live with their chipped teeth. Buchanan applauds this tendency because it’s the healthy way to react when it comes to broken teeth. But as the following discussion explains, there are both socioeconomic reasons and health reasons that patients will not tolerate chipped teeth.

As the Pleasanton, CA, dentist will tell you, it is not healthy to go through life with a chipped tooth. Biologically, that tooth stands to become increasingly chipped. It can even get sharper and sharper as it gets more and more chipped. That becomes a problem for the gums, for other teeth, and for eating habits, says Buchanan. The cause-and-effect consequences of an unattended chipped tooth quickly spiral out of control. For example, if the tooth becomes more and more chipped, it will be harder to eat the same solid healthy foods as before. If it’s more difficult to eat good food, then it’s more difficult for the body to get the nourishment it needs to stay healthy. Healthy teeth lead to healthy nourishment. The Pleasanton, CA, dentist pays special attention to elderly patients with problematic or chipped teeth because their health stands to deteriorate most precipitously if they aren’t able to eat as well as they should. The primary health goal in repairing chipped teeth is to make eating painless again, so that the patient will eat well and get the right nourishment.

Then there is the socioeconomic aspect of repairing chipped teeth. For many patients, says Buchanan, it’s simply not socially acceptable to bear smiles with broken or chipped teeth. These patients contend that such an appearance is unbecoming of them. Particularly for patients with the financial ability to treat a chipped tooth, the work of a Pleasanton, CA, dentist is vital to their conception of their social standing. While a dentist is not in the business of promoting somebody’s social aspirations either way, a Pleasanton, CA, dentist can appreciate this impetus for seeking out dental work because at the end of the day, it’s healthier to fix a broken tooth.

Additionally, the health risks associated with a chipped tooth tend to go even further than blocking adequate nourishment. The seemingly small issue of a broken tooth can balloon out of control, says Buchanan. For example, say you do not take care of a broken tooth for years and notice no immediate adverse consequences to your health. Unbeknown to you, bacterial growth could be proliferating and affecting your heart. The end result could be ending up in open-heart surgery. Initially, maybe it would have cost $250 out of pocket to visit the Pleasanton, CA, dentist to repair the chipped tooth. But by waiting, the cost became that of an open-heart surgery.

To help combat this problem, Buchanan promotes educating patients about the long-term consequences of chipped teeth. Hopefully people will make the right choice to repair broken teeth as soon as possible.

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