The Benefits of Modern Dentures

Facing the transition to dentures can be daunting for many, and the psychological toll they can take on a person is not insignificant. But according to Dr. Yefim Aran, of Pristine Dental in Philadelphia, dentures these days are hardly like their predecessors. Advances in technology have improved the look and functionality of modern dentures, and individuals no longer have to suffer through slipping dentures or inefficient chewing.

Perhaps the biggest technological advancement is the use of dental implants to secure partial dentures. Implants prevent movement, shifting, and rotation of the dentures, and provide stabilizing support for the teeth to lean against each other, creating a more secure feeling and eliminating the need for denture adhesive. Dr. Aran refers the patient to an oral surgeon to place the implants, and once this is completed, he restores the implants to support the denture. “It’s a really great achievement in dentistry,” says the Philadelphia dentures specialist. “Patients will be really happy about it.” Once a patient gets to the denture stage, Dr. Aran recommends the use of implants for increased stability and a better overall denture experience.

Partial dentures, for those individuals who will retain some of their teeth, come in four different varieties: hard plastic, hard plastic with metal, metal, and a soft plastic called Valplast, which is very flexible and allows for resilient and particularly easy-to-wear dentures, says Dr. Aran.

When a patient faces the loss of all original teeth, complete dentures are necessary. With complete dentures, says Dr. Aran, a patient has fewer options. Permanent complete dentures – that are screwed in and never taken out – are possible, but tend to be prohibitively expensive for the average patient, says Dr. Aran.

The benefits to quality of life should eliminate any misgivings a patient may have about dentures. Chewing efficiency is increased tenfold, according to Dr. Aran, and with dental implants especially, the improved retention greatly enhances the denture-wearing experience. Dentures can also improve pronunciation, not to mention affording a general boost to self-esteem, as the replacement of missing teeth can add to the overall aesthetic confidence of the patient.

At Pristine Dental, patients may see either a male or female dentist, depending on their preference.  Dr. Aran and his fellow Philadelphia denture specialist Dr. Aftab work hard to offer high-quality, gentle care for patients in need of dentures in Philadelphia.

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