The Appropriateness of Cosmetic Dentistry in Pleasanton, CA

Let’s face it: Not everybody was born with the smile they think they deserve. One answer to fretting over what is, at least subjectively, an unattractive smile is cosmetic dentistry. As Roxanna Buchanan of Foothill Dental Care explains, a cosmetic dentist in Pleasanton, CA, can help patients young and old for a variety of reasons. The main point is that there are options; you don’t have to accept a smile you don’t like; you can change it.

The main goal behind cosmetic dentistry is to make things beautiful—plain and simple. Of course, the process itself can be a bit involved for the Pleasanton, CA, cosmetic dentist, but all the patient has to do is have the incentive to make their appearance more beautiful. Interestingly, Buchanan notes that cosmetic dentistry—while its primary focus is beautification—has many practical objectives as well. In some situations, crooked teeth pose a health risk to the gums and surrounding teeth. Through cosmetic dentistry, these problematic teeth can be corrected, thereby strengthening the teeth and the health of the mouth.

Let’s look at the picture of a patient before and after working with a Pleasanton, CA, cosmetic dentist. Before, maybe the teeth are crooked and replete with silvery, shiny fillings. Maybe this patient is in business and has to frequently meet and greet people as part of their job. A subjectively problematic smile could hurt their best efforts to get ahead, represent their company, and form binding relationships with clients. It could be in the best interests of such a person to visit a Pleasanton, CA, cosmetic dentist. Additionally, few adults are comfortable with braces at their age. Maybe when they were younger braces would have been the right solution. But now, in middle age, faced with problematic teeth, they opt for cosmetic dentistry because it can help them without their having to accept saddling their teeth with metal, unsightly braces. Cosmetic dentistry can go beyond simple orthodontics as well. In addition to repositioning—even overhauling—the teeth, the Pleasanton, CA, cosmetic dentist can also change the colors of the teeth to the patients’ specifications.

While cosmetic dentistry certainly has wide appeal, Buchanan explains that it’s not for everybody. Every case is different, which is why it is important to meet with the doctor to discuss all the alternatives for bringing the patient the beautiful smile they desire. Many times, younger patients will see commercials on TV advertising how veneers can completely change their mouth and their appearance. Often, this is not the best option for them. When patients are still in their twenties, Buchanan believes it’s advisable for them to get braces versus cosmetic dentistry. Alternately, once patients are in their forties and unhappy with the color of their teeth, they are excellent candidates for veneers because it’s the best way to reverse the damage of discoloration.

Cosmetic dentistry is an effective way to overhaul the mouth’s appearance and correct problematic tooth alignments. But at the same time, cosmetic dentistry is not automatically appropriate for patients of every age. An appropriate assessment of a patient must be performed before beginning cosmetic dentistry treatment.

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