Solving the Mysteries of Pediatric Dentistry

For many parents, the world of pediatric dentistry remains a mystery. When should a child start brushing his teeth? At what point does flossing become important? When should a child start visiting the dentist on a regular basis? All these questions, and more, can be answered with a quick visit to Dr. Robert Kacmarcik, a children’s dentist in Newark, DE.

As a prominent children’s dentist in Newark, DE, Dr. Kacmarcik works together with first-time parents on a frequent basis. One of the most common questions parents have at his practice is when they should bring their children in for an initial exam. Dr. Kacmarcik says the answer to that question can hinge on a few factors. In the majority of cases, he recommends that parents bring their children in at three years old for their first visits. The American Pediatric Society recommends that children come into the dentist’s office at one-year-old, however Dr. Kacmarcik says this is usually unnecessary since there is very little that a children’s dentist in Newark, DE, can do to help a child at such a young age.

One of the best ways to prepare young children for their first dental visit is by letting them tag along with an older sibling during his or her semi-annual check-up. Children who have been to the dentist before under non-stressful circumstances get used to the smell and look of the dentist’s office, which makes it easier for them to remain calm during their own evaluations.

Dr. Kacmarcik also recommends that parents bring their children into his office when they think it might be time for braces. Dr. Kacmarcik and his top-rated staff of dental professionals will monitor their patients’ growth and development, and will then refer patients to an orthodontist when the time is right. In most cases, children will want to see an orthodontist between the ages of 11 and 12.

Another mystery that the Newark, DE, children’s dentist often helps parents understand is just how he gets children to sit still during their dental appointments. The trick, explains Dr. Kacmarcik, is to use the right combination of sedation and calming activities. Dr. Kacmarcik and his team will frequently use nitrous oxide for children. He tries to avoid saying words like “needles” or “shots” within the earshot of his pediatric patients as a way to keep any unnecessary worry or fear at bay. Instead, he’ll use words like “numbing medication” or “sleeping gas” to help kids understand what they are about to go through.

By educating pediatric patients and their parents about what to expect, Dr. Kacmarcik has been able to remove the shroud of mystery and help people better understand what goes on in a children’s dentistry office.

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