Solutions for Uncomfortable Dentures

As you age, you may come to find that the smile you see in the mirror has started to change. A receding gum line, bone loss, and decay can all become major issues that conflict with the health of your mouth. When tooth loss becomes a major issue, a lack of knowledge coupled with a tight budget can leave some people with no choice but to wear dentures in order to recreate their smiles. Rarely, however, are people 100% satisfied with this choice if not done correctly.

Fortunately, there are still options available, says Dr. Bill Abbo of Dr. Abbo Advanced Dentistry. Dentistry, he explains, has come too far for you not to take advantage of the treatments your dentist has.

Depending on how many teeth have been removed, Dr. Abbo says, it may be possible to place a bridge or dental implants with crowns to fill in the gaps in your mouth. These substitutions can also help prevent bone loss in your jaw, which is important to the health of your mouth as well.

It is often remarkable how a smile can be transformed with the right planning and the most beneficial restorative treatments, Dr. Abbo says. If there is a way to save most of the natural tooth, then at Dr. Abbo Advanced Dentistry, the staff will strive to do everything possible to make sure that this happens. For people with too much decay or bone loss, however, dentures may still be the best option.

When dentures are needed, your dentist should take the most positive approach to your oral health. In the past, dentists often gave their patients removable dentures, and some still uphold this practice today. Unfortunately, removable dentures are known to be quite uncomfortable. Now, however, dentistry has advanced to make dentures more comfortable and reliable than ever before.

For most patients who need dentures, says Dr. Abbo, who practices cosmetic dentistry in North Miami Beach, a few dental implants can be strategically placed within the mouth to offer support while still allowing the denture to be removable. For a permanent solution, on the other hand, four or five implants in your mouth can allow a dentist to permanently place a denture, he explains. Either way, you will find that the denture is more comfortable and will not become loose when you talk or chew, giving you a whole new reason to smile.

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