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For many in Clemmons and across the country, a trip to the dentist can bring about feelings of anxiety and stress. Dental visits are feared and reviled by many, even though advances in dental technology have made general procedures, and even advanced procedures, easier and more pain-free than ever.

Still, many patients just feel uneasy about any procedure involving their teeth, or dislike the tools and drills so often associated with dental work. This fear or phobia of dentist’s offices can prove a real difficulty in everyday life. After all, everyone wants a great smile they can show off; but this requires regular maintenance, dentist visits for cleanings and check-ups, and sometimes for more advanced cosmetic procedures as well.

Fortunately, with advances in sedation dentistry techniques, even those with a serious fear of dentists have an opportunity to create the smile they want in Clemmons. Sedation dentistry allows for a patient to be sedated throughout their dental procedures, eliminating those moments that create such stress for many in Clemmons. Sedation dentistry makes it possible for a patient to walk in, receive sedation therapy, and have procedures performed without any stress or anxiety.

“When performed by an experienced and qualified dentist, the procedure is extremely safe,” explains Dr. Andrew W. Kelly, of the Dental Center of the Carolinas, a dentist specializing in sedation dentistry. A Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, Dr. Kelly has been specializing in sedation dentistry in Clemmons since 1990.

Patients can receive some kind of sedation for almost any procedure at many dentists’ offices in Clemmons. Sedation dentistry today utilizes many modern anesthesia tools that are safe and effective for any qualifying patient.

“We offer multiple sedation options for our patients, and we’ll analyze their medical history and needs to determine the best solution for them,” says Dr. Kelly. “Sometimes a good choice is nitrous oxide; other options include IV sedation or oral sedation pills.”

How do you know if you’re an ideal candidate for sedation dentistry in Clemmons? If you consistently filled with anxiety before a dentist visit, or even put off going to see the dentist because you dread it so much, sedation dentistry might be a good choice for getting your smile back on track.

“A lot of people have had bad experiences with a dentist, and now have anxiety about dental work because of it,” says Dr. Kelly. “Others have just always been afraid of the dentist. For these people, sedation can be a real solution. No one should let their teeth suffer because of their fear of the dentist. A compassionate dentist who’s skilled in sedation techniques can really make a huge difference.”

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