Recovering From Root Canal Therapy

Root canals are an incredibly common procedure, however, there are still many myths and rumors associated with root canal therapy in Jacksonville that just aren’t true. One of these myths is that it is difficult to recover from a root canal procedure.

In reality, Dr. Michael Thomasino of Jacksonville Emergency Dental tells us that the recovery process is actually very straightforward. Although the process itself is something that is going to take time, no matter how smoothly the procedure went, patients should not expect to be in any real pain after leaving the dentist’s office in Jacksonville. A root canal is a standard procedure that requires a few days of light recovery before patients can return to being 100% themselves.

Once a patient has undergone a root canal in Jacksonville, Dr. Thomasino says it is normal to have a little bit of soreness or discomfort in the mouth. This soreness is different from pain, however, and it is something that can usually be taken care of with a little bit of Ibuprofen. If Ibuprofen alone will not make the discomfort go away, then Dr. Thomasino says antibiotics might be in order. Unfortunately, patients themselves would have no way of knowing whether they needed antibiotics or another round of anti-inflammation drugs without visiting a dental professional for advice.

The two main problems that can occur during the root canal recovery process are dry socket and post-operative infections. Dry socket is a condition in which the blood clot that was supposed to be in the mouth has been removed. This removal can happen mechanically, usually because it was washed out by accident, or the clot may have never formed in the first place. As a result, patients with dry socket have raw, exposed bone that is very sensitive. If dry socket is going to develop, it usually does so about one week after the root canal in Jacksonville takes place. Patients report that they notice a bad taste developing in their mouths, or their teeth have become very sensitive to cold water and cold air. In rare cases, patients with dry socket report having a radiating pain throughout their jaws.

The symptoms associated with post-operative infections are very different. Patients who suffer from these infections usually notice swelling, pain that is getting worse each day, and tenderness throughout their mouths.

Although rare, Dr. Thomasino says he will occasionally see root canal patients develop bone spicules during their recovery process. These bone spicules feel sharp to the tongue or the finger, and they can cause pain to the tongue or the cheek. Thankfully, they can usually be removed quite easily by a dental professional like Dr. Thomasino.

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