Dental Implants? Call a Prosthodontist

If you’re looking for dental implants in Nashville, you might first think to contact an oral surgeon or general dentist.  However, a more viable, efficient option to consider that is becoming more and more popular is to visit your local prosthodontists.

As a leading prosthodontist at Middle Tennessee Prosthodontics, LLC, Dr. James Allen is primarily responsible for determining the diagnosis and indications for dental implants in Nashville. Instead of focusing on the surgical component of placing implants in the bone, prosthodontists such as Dr. Allen and his team focus on planning for the implants, and restoring the implants once they are in place. Once the prep work is completed, Dr. Allen works in conjunction with a highly respected team of oral surgeons and periodontists who provide patients with the placement of their dental implants in Nashville.

The biggest advantage to a person working with a prosthodontist is that these specialists provide replacement teeth that truly feel like natural teeth. Prosthodontists understand the feeling that natural teeth have, which helps them do a better job at restoring implants. Dr. Allen’s biggest concern is ensuring that his patients are satisfied with their results.

In Nashville, dental implants have become popular in recent years because they allow people to bite down just as hard as they would with their natural teeth. This is not always true of dentures, or partials. Dr. Allen believes this increased biting strength, which can help improve people’s chewing abilities, is one of the biggest reasons why so many patients are requesting dental implants.

Dental implants create a natural sensation in the mouth by providing the same amount of pressure transferred from natural teeth to the bone. No removable prosthetic devices can give people that feeling since a portion of the gums sits underneath the removable prosthetic device. When the gums act as a barrier between the prosthetic device and the bone, patients can only bite as hard as their gums will allow.

The final advantage to implants has to do with bone preservation. When natural teeth are removed, the bone that holds everything in place gets reabsorbed in the mouth. This is a natural process that is prevented when dental implants are in place. People who opt for dental implants can preserve bone, achieve a natural feel, and get great looking smiles in very little time.

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