Reasons to Opt For Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays emit far less radiation than traditional film-based x-rays, which is a huge relief for concerned parents and anyone else worried about the effect of excessive radiation. According to Dr. Sheri McIntosh of Distinguished Dental in Keller, Texas, digital x-rays are incredibly safe.

The differences between film x-rays and digital x-rays are striking. Rather than using film to take images inside her patients’ mouths, Dr. McIntosh uses a flat electronic pad or sensor. The information that is collected on this electronic pad or sensor is sent to a computer, where the image appears almost immediately.

The Keller general dentistry expert goes on to explain that digital x-rays emit approximately 80% less radiation than traditional film-based x-rays. For people who are concerned about limiting the radiation they or their children are exposed to, this is a huge benefit.

In addition to the reduction of radiation, Dr. McIntosh says digital x-rays are also more efficient from a professional point of view. The Keller general dentistry expert says digital x-rays can be done in less time because there is no film that has to be developed, which makes it easier to get more patients through in less time. The images associated with digital x-rays are instant, which saves time for busy patients, as well.

Digital x-ray images tend to be clearer and more precise than film x-rays, explains Dr. McIntosh. The images that the Keller general dentistry expert takes at her practice are extremely high quality. On top of that, Dr. McIntosh can manipulate photos to improve the clarity, expand the size, change the contrast, or adjust the shading. By making images darker or lighter, Dr. McIntosh is able to see small cavities and other areas of concern that might not be visible with a traditional film x-ray.

Minute changes to the dentition that may not be apparent to the naked eye can be spotted in certain digital x-rays, and Dr. McIntosh’s Keller general dentistry office uses only the best equipment. This ensures that any cavities or other dental issues a patient is suffering from will be caught and addressed as early as possible.

Even though digital x-rays are completely safe, Dr. McIntosh says there is still one group of patients she prefers not taking x-rays of. Pregnant women should generally avoid dental x-rays unless they have received approval from their physicians beforehand. Digital x-rays are still considered safe for pregnant women, however Dr. McIntosh prefers to err on the side of caution when it comes to treating patients who fall into this category.

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