Preventing Dental Caries In Young Children

Children should be coming to the dentist regularly for periodic check-ups and exams, however Savannah dentist Dr. Kevin Dickinson, DDS says the real key to preventing dental caries in young children has to do with at-home hygiene and care.

Parents who want to ensure their children’s teeth stay bright, white, shiny, and healthy need to make sure they are brushing their teeth before bed at night and before school in the morning. Children should be flossing their teeth at least once each day, as well.

One of the biggest mistakes that parents make when it comes to the oral health of their kids is not limiting the amount of sugar that their children are taking in. Dr. Dickinson says parents that want to help their children prevent cavities need to limit the sugary snacks that those kids eat, particularly with regard to sugary drinks.

Soda pop isn’t the only sugary drink that parents should be worried about, either. The Savannah dentist says sugar tends to be sneaky. Drinks that parents tend to think are healthy – including sports drinks like Gatorade, along with Vitamin Water and certain fruit juices – can have extremely high sugar content. Kids that are playing soccer or participating in other youth sports and sipping these drinks all day long could be putting themselves at an increased risk for cavities and decay.

Despite the high incidence of cavities among today’s adolescents, Dr. Dickinson says he does not necessary request that pediatric patients come in any more frequently for check-ups and cleanings than his adult patients. At his practice, the Savannah dentist tailors all his recall schedules to the patients he’s working with. Someone who is 25 years old and has never had a cavity is probably not going to need to come in as frequently as someone who is 12 years old with many cavities.

Older patients who do not take good care of their teeth at home have a higher incidence of gum disease, which is one of the reasons why Dr. Dickinson may be inclined to ask patients in this age range to come back for cleanings and exams on a more frequent basis. Whereas a visit to the Savannah dentist once every six months might be adequate for one patient, another patient may need to come back once every three months or even more often.

For more information on aggressively fighting cavities and preventing decay, Dr. Dickinson recommends contacting his office and scheduling a consultation appointment.

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