Popular Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Leesburg, Virginia

Patients in Leesburg, Virginia, know what they want when it comes to the aesthetics and performance of their teeth. As a result, Dr. Ron Buro of Family First Dental and Orthodontics Center says he regularly works with patients who request professional bleaching and dental veneers as a way to get their smiles into tip-top shape.

As a popular cosmetic dentist in Leesburg, VA, Dr. Buro always recommends that patients who are interested in teeth bleaching go with an in-office product before trying something over-the-counter. The in-office systems that a dentist in Leesburg, VA, can offer are more controlled, which helps to ensure that none of the bleaching product winds up sitting on the gums. At Dr. Buro’s office in Leesburg, VA, the dentist actually customizes his bleaching trays based on the patient’s dentition and bite. This keeps the fluid in the tray, and prevents the bleach from getting out.

Another important factor that many people fail to take into account when it comes to teeth whitening is the quality of the whitening product being used. The bleaching liquid that Dr. Buro uses in his office is never left unrefrigerated from the time it is produced to the time when it is given to the patient. That is very important, according to Dr. Buro, because most bleaching products have the tendency to lose a lot of their strength and power while they are in transit. The team at Family First Dental and Orthodontics Center has found that teeth whitening products work much better when they are kept refrigerated, as opposed to sitting stale on a shelf for a period of weeks or months.

As far as return visits are concerned, Dr. Buro says people are often surprised as how infrequently teeth whitening patients come back for follow-up treatments. Rather than paying for additional in-office whitening sessions, Dr. Buro sometimes recommends that patients use a type of high-end whitening strips that he sells in his office to keep their teeth as white as possible. In some cases, over-the-counter whitening strips can even be used to maintain the whitening that a person has achieved in the office.

The Leesburg, VA, dentist doesn’t tell his patients that they need to avoid certain foods to keep their teeth white, but he says most people do know that red wine, coffee, and cranberry juice can all effect the surface stains on their teeth and make it more difficult to maintain a healthy smile.

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