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One of the biggest advancements in modern day dentistry has been the introduction of cosmetic dentistry. In Braunfels, TX Dr. Todd Smith of Smith and Cole Dentistry discusses some of the newest and quickest cosmetic treatments that in some cases can be completed in one visit.


Many patients visit a cosmetic dentist simply because they are unhappy with the look of their smile. It could be the shape, color or size of their teeth that turns them off, but they are unsure how to correct the problem. Lumineers are a new paper thin type of veneer that can dramatically improve a person’s smile. Unlike veneers, there is no or very little drilling down of the original tooth. Dr. Smith says in many cases he can place Lumineers in one visit.


When it comes to training for cosmetic dentistry in Braunfels, TX, Dr. Smith says it can vary greatly from dentist to dentist. Because there is no cosmetic dentistry specialty, the expertise can be different depending on who you ask. Dr. Smith says at his office they can spend anywhere from 15-40 plus hours per year keeping up on the latest cosmetic techniques and materials. What may matter more is the number of procedures a dentist has successfully completed. You might inquire to gain a better understanding of where your cosmetic dentist stands. Dr. Smith for example, has certification in laser treatments that he uses to treat gum disease. This was a week-long intensive training, but what is more convincing is the number of healthy happy patients.


Another area of cosmetics gaining interest is dental implants. While implants are providing a new solution for those missing teeth it takes an experienced dentist to determine if one is a good candidate. Not every case qualifies, so again experience is crucial.

While dental implants are revolutionary, Dr. Smith advises patients to still expect a process. While there are commercials advertising one day implants, Dr. Smith says every case involved multiple steps since all implants need proper time to heal and integrate with the mouth.

There are some misconceptions Dr. Smith wants to clear up and one is that brushing is all you need for healthy teeth. He wants his patients to know that it is much wiser to address problems before you feel pain and while you may have excellent hygiene, professional cleanings are still needed for hard to reach areas. Secondly, not all dental procedures are painful. There are many new ways to prevent pain and ease anxiety for those with dental fears. The important goal is to regularly visit your dentist for your health, hygiene and aesthetics.

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