Popular Alternatives to Root Canal Therapy

In most cases, dentists will only recommend root canals when there is no other way of saving a dying tooth. In Jacksonville, endodontics expert Dr. Millie Tannen says that dentists will rarely recommend root canals if more favorable options exist.

Speaking from her office at Millie K. Tannen, DDS, PA in Jacksonville, Dr. Tannen says endodontics is a complex field. Generally if the nerve in the tooth is in the process of dying, or if it has already died, then there are very few alternatives left for a patient besides having a root canal. If a tooth can be saved with an endodontics treatment in Jacksonville, or if the tooth is in good condition and it can be restored and survive with a crown and the root canal, then Dr. Tannen says that is going to be the best solution.

If a patient is extremely hesitant to undergo root canal therapy – either because of a preexisting fear of root canals or dental treatments in general – then Dr. Tannen says the alternative option in this type of case would be to simply extract the tooth and remove it from the equation. Most people who hear about this alternative say they would rather go with a root canal, since tooth extractions are rarely anyone’s first choice option.

Fortunately, Dr. Tannen says there are a few good alternatives to simply extracting a tooth and putting nothing in its place. One such alternative is to have an implant placed. The Jacksonville endodontics expert says she would recommend this course of action for a patient with a tooth that was very decayed or fractured. In those cases, an extraction followed by the placement of a dental implant can be a good alternative.

Dental implants do not decay, and the estimated time of survival for an implant placed with modern technologies is upwards of 35 years. Dental implants are highly compatible with the human body, and bone cells bond right to them, which is the part of the reasons why dentists and patients alike are so drawn toward these relatively modern devices. If a tooth is truly in very bad shape and a root canal will not work, then Dr. Tannen says it is hard to think of any solution that would be better than a dental implant.

For more information on root canal therapy, tooth extractions, and dental implant placement procedures, Dr. Tannen recommends contacting her office in Jacksonville and scheduling a consultation appointment.

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