Oxygene and Other Bad Breath Solutions

Bad breath can be a difficult problem to treat, but once you discover the origin of the halitosis, you’ll be on the road to curing it once and for all. Dr  Stephen Tran, DDS is a dentist with Firewheel Smiles, based in Garland, Texas, and he discusses how certain mouth rinses can help cure bad breath for good, while keeping up oral hygiene habits and seeing a dentist regularly also helps.

Bad breath can be a debilitating problem, but it’s usually one that can be cured fairly easily. First of all, you need to see why a person has bad breath. Once you find the culprit, you can usually get the problem solved.

Often, the source of bad breath starts with gum disease, so for starters, you need to be making sure that gum disease is addressed, and that any tartar in the mouth is cleaned up. Then make certain no decay is present anywhere in the mouth, as it can harbor bacteria.

Looking for Bad Habits

As a dentist, I also check with my patients to ascertain whether there are any underlying habits which can exacerbate the bad breath. There are several habits which are common to many of us that make halitosis worse, such as coffee drinking, drinking red wine and other alcohol regularly, and smoking. Sadly, people are not always aware that some habits can make their bad breath worse.

Luckily, there are several solutions available to combat to bad breath. They are:

  • Making sure you see your dentist regularly to address gum disease and decay.
  • Following healthy oral hygiene habits, including flossing and brushing twice a day.
  • Using a suitable mouthwash – one that can help prevent tooth decay as well as bad breath.

Oxyfresh Specific to Combat Bad Breath

One product which I recommend as an adjunct to home care – a product which is unique to my office – is Oxyfresh. It has an active ingredient called oxygene, which works very well against the compounds that are specific for bad breath – VSC, or volatile sulphur compounds.

Oxygene is a patented molecule, and as such it works differently than other mouthwashes. Other over-the- counter products such as Listerine or Scope do not bind to the VSC, they just cover them up. They do not specifically attack what is responsible for the bad breath in the first place, so they do not make the halitosis go away. And when the mouthwash wears off, obviously, the bad breath will come back.

Oxyfresh is hard to get outside of a dental office, so you should recommend that your dentist get it for you. You use it like you would a normal mouthwash, maybe once in the morning and once at night, or as needed. It’s also nice that it is non-alcohol based, whereas Listerine, for example, is alcohol-based. Alcohol-based mouth rinses are known to decrease salivary flow, which contributes to bad breath.

The mouth rinse I would recommend for those with bad breath problems, or for anyone who wants fresher breath and to take better care of his teeth, is Oxyfresh. If you use Oxyfresh, you will see, feel and even smell the effects right away.

*Disclaimer: The information on this website is not intended to substitute for the medical expertise and advice of your healthcare provider. We encourage you to discuss any decisions about treatment or care with an appropriate healthcare provider.

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