Oral Health Tips for Seniors

Men and women over the age of 50 are at an increased risk for a number of oral health conditions, however Dr. Robert L Stirm DDS says that does not mean that patients in this age group can’t still have beautiful smiles. The Concord dentist says seniors who pay attention to their smiles and keep up with oral hygiene can expect to maintain strong, healthy teeth well into the future.

As a leading dentist in Concord, California, Dr. Stirm works with many senior patients who are interested in how the changes going on in their bodies as they age are affecting their oral health.

First and foremost, Dr. Stirm says one of the prime things that happens to people as they get older is their salivary glands stop producing saliva at the same rate as when they were young. When the salivary glands stop working as well, people become more prone to root decay. With that in mind, Dr. Stirm says it is more important than ever for older patients to make sure their roots are healthy and they are not suffering from recurrent decay.

One of the biggest fallacies about oral health is that all types of conditions can be prevented with good at-home care. Unfortunately, Dr. Stirm says even people with the best oral hygiene habits can still suffer from decay if they don’t take the time to visit their dentists on a regular basis. Recurrent decay can wreak havoc on the mouth, and it can lead to other conditions that are even more serious.

Thankfully, the Concord dentist says there are a number of materials that seniors can put on their teeth to help improve their oral health. One of the most popular of these options is the fluoride varnish. Fluoride varnishes help a great deal at making the root surface more acid resistant and more resistant to decay. At Dr. Stirm’s office in Concord, the dentist also provides seniors with fluoride trays that they can use at home to help strengthen the surface of their teeth and keep their mouths cavity-free.

As far as recall is concerned, Dr. Stirm is a dentist in Concord who recommends that his senior patients come in as frequently as the general population, as long as their oral health is stable. However, patients who suffer from conditions such as sjogren’s syndrome or dry mouth do need to come in more frequently for cleanings and exams. Although there are no short-term recall guidelines for seniors, Dr. Stirm advises people who know they have medical issues to come in at least once every three to four months. For the general population, he recommends coming in at least once every six months.

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