Oral Health for Pregnant Patients and Dental Insurance

Women who are pregnant or thinking about conceiving within the next three to six months should consult with their dentist to make sure their oral health is up to par. According to Norton Dental Associates‘ Dr. Stanley McMorrow, a cosmetic dentist in Norton, MA, women who are pregnant have a host of concerns that non-pregnant patients do not have.

For instance, Dr. McMorrow says that women who are pregnant have a higher likelihood of developing gum disease than those who are not pregnant. Gum disease and gingivitis have been linked to the hormonal changes that women experience during gestation. These hormonal changes have been directly linked to a higher risk for periodontal disease. The development of pregnancy tumors and unhealthy gums in general are not good for the development of the fetus, explains the Norton, MA, cosmetic dentist.

To avoid issues such as periodontal disease and pregnant tumors along the gums, pregnant women should make oral health a high priority. This means coming in for check-ups on a more frequent basis during those nine months of pregnancy, while also avoiding any unnecessary x-ray images.

One issue that some women are concerned about is paying for additional dental check-ups and visits, but some insurance companies are now paying for women to get extra cleanings during their pregnancies.

Insurance companies are finding that it is a worthwhile expense to pay for these additional cleanings, since oral health is directly related to the systemic health of the baby, and women who have periodontal disease are at an increased risk for premature labor.  Dr. McMorrow explains that women with gum disease are seven times more likely to go into labor prematurely.

It is important for the Norton, MA, cosmetic dentist to monitor pregnant patients for the earliest signs of gum disease or pregnancy tumors. However, this can only be done with additional check-ups and examinations. This is part of the reason why many dental insurance companies are opting to pay for women to undergo additional screenings during their nine months of pregnancy.

In cases where a woman knows she is about to start trying to conceive, Dr. McMorrow recommends coming in beforehand to have an examination and any necessary x-rays. It is always better to have x-rays taken before a woman conceives, since many types of dental procedures cannot be performed on pregnant patients.

Oral health is directly related to overall systemic health, explains the Norton, MA, cosmetic dentist, so women should definitely see their dentist before getting pregnant.

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