Options For Changing the Shape Of Your Teeth

Patients who are unhappy with the shape of their front teeth have a number of options to remedy the problem–or at least they do when they visit a cosmetic dentist like David L Baker DDS. Located in Plano, TX, Dr. Baker is a dentist who offers everything from crown restoration to aesthetic dentistry. He says that the smallest changes can lead to the biggest results for many of his cosmetic dentistry patients.

According to Dr. Baker, there are several ways to reshape teeth. Different dentists may utilize varying techniques for improving patients’ smiles, but Dr. Baker almost always recommends that a patient who just wants a minor adjustment to his smile have his teeth reshaped with the help of a specially drill.

While the idea of having a dentist drill one’s teeth might sound scary, Dr. Baker explains that the process is anything but. When a dentist reshapes a patient’s teeth for aesthetic purposes, he will use a specialty drill with a flat diamond head that almost works like sandpaper. Although patients will hear the noise from the drill, they will not feel a thing because the reshaping process is so slight and mild.

In just a few minutes, a cosmetic dentist can eliminate crooked edges, round off corners, or reshape an entire set of teeth. Dr. Baker says that he will continue reshaping until the patient says he is pleased with the product–a process that is easy since patients do not have to go under heavy anesthesia beforehand.

Of course, reshaping is not the only option for patients who are unhappy with their smiles; an alternative exists in the form of bonding. Dr. Baker explains that bonding is a process wherein a dentist will actually put some filling material over a filed tooth and mold that material into the shape that the patient desires. The process will be finished with a quick polish, and then the patient is ready to go.

The downside of bonding, and the reason why most dentists don’t recommend it for aesthetic purposes, is that it will only hold in place for a certain amount of time before it begins to wear off. Additionally, bonding tends to stain over time.

For patients who have the time, money, and inclination, Dr. Baker says the ideal way to repair a smile is to apply porcelain veneers. The effects that Dr. Baker has been able to achieve with porcelain veneers have been amazing, and he he encourages patients to consider this treatment option to improve the appearance of their front teeth in particular.

Whether he is doing crown restorations or cosmetic procedures, Dr. Baker says that communication between the patient and the dentist is always key. Patients need to be realistic in their expectations, and dentists, in turn, need to be honest about what they can and cannot do. Fortunately for patients, when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, there are more options for aesthetic improvements today than ever before.

*Disclaimer: The information on this website is not intended to substitute for the medical expertise and advice of your healthcare provider. We encourage you to discuss any decisions about treatment or care with an appropriate healthcare provider.

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