Options for a Chipped Tooth

Teeth can chip in a countless number of ways, from major traumatic accidents to simple mishaps involving cutlery or glassware. No matter what causes a tooth to chip, Dr. Rodney Alles of Ideal Dental Uptown says an emergency visit to the dentist is always in order.

Dr. Alles is a Dallas dentist with Saturday appointments. He offers dental appointments on the weekends mainly because he knows that dental accidents and emergencies can happen at any time – not just between the hours of 9 and 5. In fact, Dr. Alles has noticed that tooth chips seem to happen most frequently during the early morning and late night hours on the weekends. As a Dallas dentist with Saturday appointments, Dr. Alles is almost always able to get these emergency patients into his office immediately.

Of course, not every patient who calls for help with a chipped tooth on a Saturday afternoon will necessarily need to be seen right away. Dr. Alles explains that the way that a tooth is chipped, along with the size of the chip, will go a long way in determining how quickly the patient needs to be seen by a Saturday dentist in Dallas.

Some tooth chips can cause nerve exposures, and these can be especially painful. In other cases, such as when a patient chips a front tooth, an emergency visit to a Saturday dentist in Dallas may be necessary for aesthetic reasons. Dr. Alles has many patients who seek immediate treatment for their chipped teeth because they do not want to go through the embarrassment of returning to work or school with a tooth that’s broken halfway off.

Patients with chipped front teeth – which generally create the most aesthetic concern – will almost always be happiest with a veneer or a crown. Dr. Alles explains that the treatment he offers for people with chipped teeth will vary depending on the size of the chip and location of the tooth within the mouth. However, composite fillings – also known as white fillings – are not necessarily an ideal solution for chips along the front teeth because they will not last as long as a veneer or a crown and the filling will not be as cosmetically appealing as the veneer or crown.

Veneers provide the best aesthetic improvement for people with chipped teeth.  In today’s world, Dr. Alles explains that the treatment a person seeks for his or her chipped tooth is likely to be based on a combination of cost, aesthetic improvement and durability.

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