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At Alpha Dental, where Daniel Vinograd serves as a head dentist in San Diego, much of the business is a “meat-and-potatoes” kind of deal. In other words, says Vinograd, things don’t go too far outside the boundaries of normal dental needs. That said, Vinograd continues to find ways to excel at even the most routine dental services; he discovers ways of surprising his customers with good, earnest dental care notwithstanding his description of “meat and potatoes.”

While Vinograd says his work as a San Diego dentist doesn’t verge on the terribly risky or exploratory, he does serve a good purpose: Most of Vinograd’s patients don’t come from the highest-end demographic, and they have serious, if common, dental needs such as root canals, fillings, cleanings, and crowns. Therefore, Vinograd sees his San Diego dentist work as a much-needed service to people whose socioeconomic positions wouldn’t allow them to opt for boutique dentistry—a luxury for many across the country.

But serving a population that often can’t afford dental work does mean that much of that dental work has become more serious than it has to be. For example, as Vinograd works with lower-income patients, he sees simple dental concerns go a little bit out of control. People who couldn’t initially pay for a filling end up needed a root canal—almost to the point of an emergency. While root canals are regular for a San Diego dentist, the point is that root canals can be avoided with regular dental care. But Vinograd’s patients often can’t pay for that initial dental care, and their conditions get out of control.

The more good work the San Diego dentist has done over the past two years, however, the more referrals to new patients by old patients. The result? After some years, Vinograd is starting to see middle-income folks come in for care. It’s all because of those referrals from the lower-income folks. As the demographic shifts, the kind of care Vinograd executes overall starts to shift. Whereas before much of the work was in response to dental conditions left unmitigated, middle-income patients who already have insurance have been able to keep up their dental hygiene and health more steadily. As a result, what used to be patients coming in for root canals tends to be patients coming in for fillings, since they have the means to avoid that root canal down the road.

Nonetheless, Vinograd continues to proudly serve lower-income patients. He feels a real sense of meaning in his work as a San Diego dentist offering what his patients call “Beverly Hills dentistry” to those who couldn’t afford the fanciest care.

Daniel Vinograd is the owner of Alpha Dental
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