Is it Time for a Root Canal from an Oakland Dentist?

If your tooth hurts, it is time to consult a dentist. At Lavorini Dental Care in Oakland, they have had lots of experience with teeth that hurt. Dr. Ernie Lavorini DDS has performed over 10,000 root canals in his lifetime. Six years ago he stopped doing them. He realized that the technology had progressed beyond what he was taught. Today, the chances of having a successful root canal treatment are greatly increased if a microscope is used and the treatment is done by a specialist. He has purchased a $20,000 microscope and has a specialist in his office–his daughter, Dr. Amanda Lavorini. Just like starting quarterbacks in the NFL, some are better than others. Amanda was the valedictorian of her class. For the past five years she has had incredible success even with the most difficult of root canals.

Knowing the risks of ignoring the problem

Not all teeth that hurt need root canals. There are specific tests to tell whether a tooth needs one or not. If a tooth is severely decayed, sometimes removing the decay and placing a sedative will solve the problem. However, if enough of the bacteria from the decay has entered the pulp chamber (the pulp chamber is just like the marrow of a bone) the pulp will become infected and will have to be removed and a root canal performed. There are other reasons that might cause a tooth to need a root canal.

  1. Repeated dental procedures on a single tooth
  2. A blow to the tooth in one’s lifetime
  3. A crack in a tooth

The bottom line is if a tooth hurts it needs to be examined. If the tooth needs a root canal there is no wishing it away. At that point the tooth either needs to be fixed with a root canal or extracted. If left alone, the necrotic pulp can seep into the jaw and cause an abscess, which is a very serious problem.

Interesting to note, even if a jaw is abscessed, provided the abscess has not gone on for too long, the tooth can be saved by performing a root canal.

Weighing your options

Before having a root canal in Oakland, the dentist will have to assess the situation. Primarily, the dentist and the patient have to decide whether the long term outcome would be warranted by the expense. Sometimes it is better to save the tooth and sometimes it is not. The longer you wait to address a hurting tooth, the greater the risk you run of losing it entirely.

Understanding the procedure

If your dentist recommends a root canal, the procedure entails removing the pulp from inside the tooth and replacing it with a material called gutta percha. The purpose of doing this is to rid the tooth of all organic material inside the tooth that has either become necrotic or inflamed. The roots have to be filled completely or blood from the surrounding bone will creep into the roots and cause stasis. Good root canals are hard to do.

Importance of Technology and Specialists

As alluded to previously, Dr. Lavorini has performed many root canals. He has realized the importance of having a specialist. At his office in Oakland, root canals are referred to his daughter Dr. Amanda Lavorini. Statistically, specialists have a much higher success rate because of their additional training and use of cutting edge technology.

If you’re pondering your Oakland root canal options, strongly consider a dentist that values progressive technology, owns advanced equipment and employs a qualified staff to perform the procedures and front office that knows how to get insurance companies to pay for it.

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