Is It Normal For Teeth to Be Sensitive After Getting Fillings?

Yes, it is actually quite normal for people’s teeth to feel sensitive for some time after getting dental fillings. According to Anita Paulus, DDS And William Paulus, DDS, MS, it can be difficult to predict how long a particular patient can expect to feel sensitivity after getting a filling because every person’s mouth is different.

The human body is an intricate and fascinating thing, in that every person reacts slightly differently to discomfort or pain. Two people could undergo the same dental procedure in Fort Worth – getting veneers, fillings, or even dental crowns, for example – and still come out with a different result. Each person’s body works in a slightly different way, and it is impossible to predict how a person’s body will react in certain instances.

As a dentist who offers fillings, crowns, and veneers in Fort Worth, Dr. Anita Paulus explains that she cannot put a filling in a tooth until first going in and cleaning out the decay. In decade’s past, many dentists used silver fillings rather than the white composite material that most professionals use today. Dr. Paulus says that the silver fillings that dentists used would expand once they were placed inside the teeth, which would cause certain teeth to crack. Nowadays most dentists are using white composite fillings, which fit much more snugly inside the teeth. The downside, however, is that it can take just a bit longer for a tooth with a white filling to get back to normal after the filling is placed.

Thankfully, dentists say a bit of sensitivity is normal after having a filling placed. In fact, Dr. Paulus says that she had a tooth that was sensitive for nearly a year after having a white filling put in. On the whole, it is just as common for a patient to come in and never feel any sensitivity due to his fillings as it is for a patient to feel some mild discomfort or sensitivity for a few short months. Dr. Paulus says that type of reaction is very, very normal for patients getting fillings, crowns, or veneers in Fort Worth.

As a dentist who offers fillings, crowns, and veneers in Fort Worth, Dr. Paulus says it is impossible to predict which patients will experience sensitivity because every patient’s pain threshold is different. What is important is for patients to come back in if they feel that their teeth are sensitive so the issue can be addressed. Eliminating this problem can be as simple as changing the way the bite comes together.

Experiencing some sensitivity after getting one or more fillings is completely normal. However, the materials that dentists are using now are getting better, and as a result, the number of patients who have discomfort after undergoing these types of treatments is going down every year.

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