Is Invisalign as Effective as Braces?

You may have been surprised to see an acquaintance remove a clear, plastic tray from their teeth from time to time. If you hadn’t seen them take their Invisalign out, would you have ever noticed they had them on?

The invisibility is obviously a major selling point for Invisalign and is a clear alternative to bulky, noticeable and, for some, embarrassing braces. But despite the availability of more discrete alternatives to braces, some people are still getting them: why? Is Invisalign not as effective as the standard set of braces?

Dr. Linda Ma, DMD with Smile Innovations, explains that Invisalign is every bit as effective as braces. The catch, though, is that the patient needs to be compliant; they have to wear the trays, clean them and, obviously, not lose them.

For those ready to handle the responsibility of cleaning and wearing the trays in Tempe, Invisalign may be an ideal option. Dr. Ma recommends them for anyone who wants straight teeth, improved gum health, and a better smile. Not only is it the more inconspicuous option, but the Tempe dentist adds that they’re easier to clean than braces as well.

Adults in particular may want to go the clear route. While metal braces are a common and accepted option for teens, adult braces are rarer and patients may be more self-conscious about the equipment because of their age. According to WebMD, some adults have selected clear braces instead of traditional braces because they do a lot of public speaking.

A patient can reasonably expect to use the Invisalign system for a period of one to two years. However, the braces alternative is only as effective as the user allows them to be: not wearing them as often as you should be will significantly extend the amount of time needed for the regimen to be successful.

Despite the advantages of the clear trays in producing straight teeth, there are other considerations before going to your local Tempe Invisalign provider. According to WebMD, Invisalign systems can cost an average of $500 more than installing traditional braces. Additionally, braces have evolved into more lightweight and aesthetically pleasing devices.

When pondering your alignment options, your Tempe dentist will also have to take into account your existing facial structure. Dr. Ma explains that Invisalign can only do so much aligning if your bone structure is particularly difficult.

Ultimately, your local dentist will be able to personally examine your teeth. Anyone that wants straight teeth and a better smile is a candidate, and an Invisalign may prove to be an effective and discrete option.

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