Is Bottled Water Bad for Teeth?

Should you be worried about giving your children bottled water that has no fluoride in it? We asked Dr. Morey Furman, who runs his own private dental practice in Garden City, New York, called The Office of Dr. Morey Furman.

Can drinking only bottled water have negative consequences for our teeth? The short answer is no. I guess the concern over bottled water, especially in places where I live like New York, where it is fluoridated, is that if you stop drinking tap water and switch to bottled, you will be missing out on the fluoride.

For most adults, not having fluoride in their water is not a big deal. After all, fluoride is in the toothpaste you use, and that is usually enough for most adults. But if you are giving your children bottled water to drink, they will not be getting the fluoride they need in their permanent teeth, which will make their teeth more susceptible to cavities.

Importance of Fluoride

Fluoride is an issue in itself as some people are pro-fluoride and some people are anti-fluoride, but the truth is that fluoride has done a lot to combat tooth decay. Fluoride really is amazing, and if you do not have it in your diet, your teeth will really be more prone to decay. Really prone. You could lose your teeth.

So don’t give children bottled water when they are between the ages of two and 12 in particular, as that is the time when you really need the fluoride the most. Most toothpastes at that age do have fluoride in them today, but that is a topical fluoride, which differs from the fluoride you ingest.

Those two types of fluoride work differently. The fluoride you ingest that they put in to the water gets into the developing teeth, making the enamel harder and more resistant to acid attack. Topical fluoride is more of a surface fluoride, as it does not really penetrate the teeth.

Supplements for Kids

You can try supplements to get that fluoride, but only when you are a child. Once you are an adult and your permanent teeth are in your mouth, it does not matter.

But you have to be aware of what is going on if you have kids and you are drinking bottled water. Get a fluoride supplement vitamin for the kids if the bottled water has no fluoride in it. These days, however, you can find bottled water that has fluoride added to it, so that really should not be a problem, as long as you are aware of the issue.

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