Inconspicuous Orthodontic Options

Few patients these days want people to know they are wearing braces, and the metal brackets and wires typically associated with traditional orthodontia tend to be dead giveaways as to what is going on. For these reasons, and many more, Dr. Justin Parker says patients are increasingly requesting inconspicuous options like Clarity Advanced Brackets and Invisalign in Salt Lake City, Utah.

At Dr. Parker’s popular orthodontics practice in Salt Lake City, Invisalign is among the most popular options for people who want less-noticeable braces. However, Invisalign is far from the only option available. Patients can choose from silver braces, clear braces, and invisible removable braces when beginning their orthodontic treatments.

Despite the fact that Invisalign is the most popular option for teenage and adult patients, Dr. Parker cautions that not every patient is a candidate for invisible removable braces. Dr. Parker does everything possible in his office to make this dream a reality for people who really want Invisalign in Salt Lake City. In these cases, Dr. Parker may recommend correcting a patient’s teeth to the point where that patient can be considered a candidate for Invisalign, before switching him or her out of traditional orthodontia and into invisible removable braces. In other cases, a patient might start out with Invisalign in Salt Lake City and then finish his treatment with a more traditional form of orthodontia. Dr. Parker is comfortable doing combination treatments for patients who require that method.

Dr. Parker’s orthodontic office is different from many others because each patient is diagnosed and treated as an individual. Invisalign is not a good fit for every patient; however, Dr. Parker still does everything possible to ensure that people who want to go this route are given that opportunity. As a result, Dr. Parker and his team do more Invisalign than anyone else in the local area. The skill level of the doctor is very important with Invisalign, and the experts agree that it is important to visit an orthodontist who has plenty of experience in this arena. Dr. Parker explains that doctors who have more experience with Invisalign typically end up getting better results for their patients.

Patients of all ages visit Dr. Parker’s office in Salt Lake City because of his experience with the Invisalign product, as well as his positive attitude and exceptional, well-trained staff. For more information and to find out whether you could be considered a candidate for Invisalign, Dr. Parker recommends giving his office a call.

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