Improving the Form and Function of Teeth With Orthodontics

The No. 1 reason why patients walk into the Dublin, CA, orthodontics office of Dr. Dante Gonzales is aesthetics. As a popular orthodontist, Dr. Gonzales is used to hearing from patients who say they want their smiles to be straighter and more aesthetically pleasing. What he hears less frequently, however, is that people want their smiles to be more functional.

Dr. Gonzales goes on to explain that the primary motivation behind most people’s decision to go ahead with orthodontic braces is cosmetic. People want their teeth lined up and they want their smiles looking better, and they know that a trip to a Dublin, CA, orthodontics office is the best way to achieve that.

However, the majority of people who wish to get their teeth straightened out for cosmetic reasons also suffer from something they may not realize – poor bites. Teeth that are misaligned often cause people to have bites that are less than ideal. As an orthodontics expert in Dublin, CA, Dr. Gonzales explains that a poor bite can affect the function and longevity of the teeth. A poor bite can also increase the chances that a patient will fracture one or more of his teeth, or that this person will suffer from cracking, abnormal wear, or excessive wear on the teeth.

When a person with a misaligned bite chews his food, for example, his top teeth are usually not coming into contact with the bottom teeth in the ideal position. Instead, his top teeth may be coming into contact with the sides or the edges of the bottom teeth. This increases the chances that one hard bite down with the top teeth could chip or crack a tooth along the bottom jaw.

In addition to all of the anomalies described above, Dr. Gonzales also says that poor bites can lead to TMJ. Temporomandibular disorder is a serious condition. Although temporomandibular disorder can usually be treated by a professional dentist or orthodontist, it is not something that a patient can sit back and wait to fix. TMJ causes excessive pain, and it can lead to lifelong dentition issues if it is not corrected quickly enough.

Although most people think of braces as a way to fix their smiles from a cosmetic point of view, Dr. Gonzales thinks of orthodontia very differently. He recommends that people who are curious about the process visit his office in Dublin, CA, for an orthodontics consultation.

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