How to Treat TMJ Migraine Headaches Without Drugs

Migraine headaches can be extremely painful, and those headaches that are being caused by TMJ are often accompanied by discomfort in the head, neck, jaw, and shoulders. According to Dr. Jeffrey Buxton of Buxton Dentistry in Salt Lake City, TMJ treatment is almost always necessary to eliminate the migraine headaches that sufferers commonly feel.

Of course, eliminating headaches for a person who suffers from TMJ is a very different thing than eliminating headaches for someone who does not suffer from this condition. A basic dose of Tylenol or Ibuprofen will do little to stifle the severe pain that is associated with TMJ, especially when it comes to migraines and tension headaches.

At his office in Salt Lake City, the TMJ treatment most often recommended by Dr. Buxton is a special type of physical therapy for the muscles. In addition to physical therapy, Dr. Buxton often recommends the use of an oral appliance that patients are encouraged to wear at night to essentially reprogram their muscles. None of the Salt Lake City TMJ treatment options that Dr. Buxton recommended involve medications with side effects or downsides.

Of all the Salt Lake City TMJ treatment options available, Dr. Buxton says that possibly none are as important or as effective as wearing a nighttime appliance. The oral appliances that Dr. Buxton prescribes reprogram the muscles and prevent people from being able to grind their teeth at night. By separating the teeth in a way that stops them from touching, these appliances can prevent the jaw muscles from firing throughout the nighttime hours.

In cases where the use of an oral appliance is not enough, Dr. Buxton will move on to the next step: Adjusting a patient’s bite. He adjusts or balances his patients’ bites using a special type of equipment called a T-Scan. By using the T-Scan system, Dr. Buxton is able to see where a patient’s teeth meet inside the mouth in a way that would be impossible with the human eye. He can then make minor adjustments to the bite that actually decrease the pain and tension associated with nighttime clenching and grinding.

The most common group of people to suffer from TMJ are women in their 40s and 50s. Women are four times as likely to suffer from TMJ as men, however Dr. Buxton believes there are many men suffering silently from this condition because they are either unaware that there is a problem or unsure of how to stop it from continuing. Women tend to be more perceptive about pain and more proactive about finding a cure, which is another reason why Dr. Buxton says they are more likely than men to seek treatment for migraines caused by TMJ.

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