How to Treat Oral Diseases

Any type of disease can be frightening, especially ones that can be life threatening. Many can be caught in the early stages if you keep up on regular visits such as the biannual visit to the dentist. Oral cancer and gum disease are two serious conditions that if caught early on can be treated, and a dentist can be the catalyst to help you understand the condition. Dr. Ja Ha Joung and Dr. Mark Samani of Ridgewood Dental Associates in New Jersey explain the two diseases and how they are treated.

Gum Disease

Dr. Joung is a board-certified periodontist and prosthodontist who regularly diagnoses and treats gum related problems. He says there are two stages to gum disease: the first is gingivitis and the more advanced form is periodontitis or gum disease. Both are conditions that require the expertise of a specialty dentist for treatment. Dr. Joung says the initial treatment is called root planing and scaling, which removes calculus and plaque under the gums that harbors the bacteria. A more advanced case might call for an additional gum surgery that goes deeper to remove the calculus and bacteria. In either case this Ridgewood, NJ dentist will make sure that the disease is arrested and the gums will begin to heal.

Some telltale signs that you have either of these conditions are bleeding gums, red puffy gums, chronic bad breath and or loose teeth. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should visit a dental office immediately.

Oral Cancer

As an experienced dentist in Ridgewood, NJ, Dr. Samani says one thing he stresses to patients is they all should have an oral cancer screening performed at each visit. He says if it is not offered the patient should insist on one. His office uses a fluorescent light called a Velscope, and this can detect the small red or white patches that are the lesions or cancerous cells. He says that if a patient is diagnosed with oral cancer they typically will refer them to an oral surgeon that can deliver more advanced treatment options. This is if the lesions turn out to be cancerous. Many times a minor irritation can look like cancer when in fact it is not.

Both Ridgewood dentists agree that people with underlying conditions should be extra mindful. These are people with diabetes, systemic heart problems and even pregnant women.  Often gum disease can cause complications for these conditions and vice versa.

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