How to Tell If You Suffer From Bruxism

Bruxism is a painful condition that many people may unknowingly be suffering from. According to Upper East Side dentist Dr. Farzin Farokh of Eastside Elite Smiles, bruxism is a very serious health problem that should be diagnosed and treated immediately.

What an Upper East Side dentist refers to as bruxism is most commonly called “tooth grinding.” Dr. Farokh says most people suffering from  bruxism do not realize it because the behavior itself takes place during sleep. In fact, the person most likely to discover the symptoms of tooth grinding isn’t an Upper East Side dentist or the tooth grinder themselves– it’s a spouse or partner awakened by the sound of grinding teeth.

It can be difficult to directly diagnose bruxism in the daylight hours. However, the majority of people who suffer from this condition have telltale signs during the day, such as morning migraines, jaw pain, and clenched teeth. If a person frequently feels like his jaw muscles are tired, then that could be a sign that some type of nighttime tooth grinding is going on. The jaw muscles will get stronger over time, says Dr. Farokh, but those are not the kind of strong muscles that most people want. Overly developed jaw muscles can actually become a hindrance. To remedy this problem, Dr. Farokh usually recommends that his patients wear some type of mouth guard or night guard while they sleep. These mouth guards protect the teeth and move the jaw into its optimal alignment. In some cases, night guards can also help to relieve stress.

A person who has yet to seek treatment from an Upper East Side dentist and continues living with bruxism is putting themselves at an increased risk of dental damage and disease. In addition to suffering from migraines and jaw pain, Dr. Farokh says people with untreated bruxism often suffer from worn down teeth and various periodontal problems. These periodontal conditions, which are caused by having too much pressure around the teeth, can lead to bone loss in the mouth. Over time, the anterior incisors will start wearing away, creating a more blunted appearance within the teeth. To learn more about what to do if you believe that you or a loved one may be suffering from bruxism, Dr. Farokh recommends contacting Eastside Elite Smiles.

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