How to Repair Unevenly Shaped Teeth

Unevenly shaped teeth are much easier to fix than most people realize. Thanks to a number of innovative treatments, such as bonding and veneers, people can easily even out their teeth and straighten out their smiles in just a few hours’ time, according to Dr. Michael O’Donnell of Great Florida Smiles- DeFuniak Springs.

A leading cosmetic dentist in DeFuniak Springs, Florida, Dr. O’Donnell says that bonding and veneers are two extremely popular options for people who are unhappy with the shape or evenness of their teeth. Unlike traditional orthodontic braces, these cosmetic treatments can be done in just a few hours, rather than taking months. That means that a person could walk into the cosmetic dentist office in DeFuniak Springs with uneven teeth and walk out with a perfect smile.

In addition to treating patients with uneven teeth, the DeFuniak Springs cosmetic dentist also helps patients with so-called “gummy smiles.” Dr. O’Donnell is able to reduce the gumminess of a patient’s smile by using a special laser to re-contour the tissue above the top teeth. In dental terms, this procedure is called a gingivectomy or crown lengthening, however that may not mean much to the average layperson. Thus, Dr. O’Donnell says he usually refers to it as laser re-contouring when speaking with patients.

The procedure itself is extremely easy and extremely effective. Dr. O’Donnell recommends that people who think they show too much of their gums when they smile come into his office for a free consultation. In just a few short minutes, the DeFuniak Springs cosmetic dentist and his expert staff can let a patient know whether he or she could be considered a good candidate for this laser procedure.

In many cases, what happens is that people have big, beautiful teeth that are being covered up by excessive gum tissue. By using a laser, a cosmetic dentist like Dr. O’Donnell can remove the gum tissue and expose more of the teeth underneath. This not only makes the teeth appear bigger, but it also changes the proportion of the smile in favor of both the tooth and the gums. Two millimeters lost on the gums is two millimeters gained on the tooth, so the effect is huge on a person’s smile.

Laser gum re-contouring is not a painful procedure. In fact, Dr. O’Donnell says it is sometimes done without any anesthetic. The amount of re-contouring that will be necessary to achieve the desired result will depend on the patient, and Dr. O’Donnell says people should come into his office for a consultation appointment to find out exactly what they could expect from this procedure.

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