How to React When You’ve Chipped a Tooth

At Ideal Dental and Orthodontics in Garland, TX, emergency dentist Dr. Rodney Alles says that he is frequently contacted during the early morning and late night hours by patients who have unexpectedly chipped their teeth. Whether or not a chipped tooth constitutes the type of dental emergency that requires an immediate trip into the office of an emergency dentist depends on the severity of the damage and the amount of pain that the patient is in.

If a patient is not in any pain, then he or she does not need to make an emergency visit to the dentist to repair a chipped tooth. However, any person who chips a tooth should make an appointment to visit the emergency dentist in Garland as quickly as possible since this type of damage is never going to resolve itself.

People will contact an emergency dentist in Garland about a chipped tooth rather than wait until the next business day to schedule an appointment because of the embarrassment that goes along with walking around with a chipped tooth. Dr. Alles says that most people are adamant that they do not want to return to work or school until their chip has been repaired—especially in cases where the chip has occurred on one of their front teeth.

To help alleviate these stresses and help patients out as much as possible, Dr. Alles says he will always try to make room in his schedule to see a patient who needs a chipped tooth repaired as quickly as possible. As an emergency dentist in Garland, Dr. Alles sees this type of quick response as being a very important to his job. Whether a patient calls at 6 a.m. on a Thursday or 7 p.m. on a Sunday night, Dr. Alles will do his best to accommodate the patient by getting the dental work done as soon as possible.

The way that Dr. Alles will treat a patient who comes into his office with a chipped tooth will depend on the location of the tooth in the mouth. Chipped molars can be repaired with composite fillings, while chipped front teeth may have to be covered with veneers or crowns. A composite filling is not a long-term solution when someone has this type of damage on a front tooth, says Dr. Alles.

For more information on repairing chipped teeth and emergency dentistry in general, Dr. Alles recommends contacting his office.

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