How to Get Straight Teeth Without Braces

Most people think that the only way they can get straight teeth is by wearing metal orthodontic braces for a year or more, however Dr. Hamid Nasr says recent advancements within the field of dentistry have made it so that is no longer the case. A cosmetic dentistry specialist in Folsom who practices at Creekside Dentistry, Dr. Nasr is now helping patients with severe crowding get perfect smiles with Invisalign and dental veneers.

At his cosmetic dentistry practice in Folsom, Dr. Nasr says Invisalign and veneers are the two most popular options for adults with crowding. Whether a particular patient goes with Invisalign or dental veneers will depend on the severity of his or her alignment issue, as well as the specific needs of that person. If a patient needs his teeth to look whiter, in addition to straighter, then Dr. Nasr says dental veneers are going to be that person’s best option. Veneers are also the preferable option for people whose teeth are in bad shape due to excessive decay or untreated cavities.

In some cases, the crowding in a person’s mouth can be so severe that dental veneers will not help. In those cases, the Folsom cosmetic dentistry expert would recommend going through a round of orthodontia to create a good arch, and then coming back in for dental veneers.

The decision between Invisalign and veneers comes down to whether the patient wants cosmetic dentistry in Folsom – which would mean changing the shape and color of the individual teeth – or if the patient strictly wants his teeth to be straighter. Just recently, Dr. Nasr put eight veneers on a patient because her teeth needed some cosmetic work. In that particular case, doing the veneers was more advantageous for the patient because she was able to get straighter teeth, while also correcting the shape and color of her teeth. If her teeth were in good shape but they just weren’t straight enough, then Invisalign would have been the better option.

The patient’s age is also important, says Dr. Nasr, because patients who are 16 or 17 really should not get dental veneers until they are older. Veneers do not work until patients are older, or at least until their teeth stop moving. Doing a veneer when a patient is still in his teens can cause problems down the road, and Dr. Nasr says it is important for people to remember that veneers are better suited for adults than teens.

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