How to Get a Straighter, More Functional Smile

Our smile is part of our character, letting others know that we are approachable, friendly, or amused by their antics.  So it’s natural to feel self-conscious about crooked or out of line teeth that distract those around us from seeing our true selves.  But traditional metal braces can be equally distracting.  Luckily, at Family Dental Center, their Frankfort, KY orthodontists offer several alternatives to the bulky metal wires and brackets of traditional braces.

An orthodontist in Frankfort, KY will be able to explain all of the alternative solutions to metal braces including ceramic braces, elastics, and removable retainers; but by far the most popular choice nowadays is the Invisalign system.  Invisalign offers the best of both worlds—straightening your teeth while remaining virtually invisible to those around you.  While there are some weaknesses associated with Invisalign, says Dr. Dwight Patrick Peters, an orthodontist at Frankfort, KY‘s Family Dental Center, you would have to consult with a professional to find out if you are a candidate and how Invisalign treatment would affect your smile.

While some people are blessed with really straight teeth, many children and adults require orthodontic treatment to straighten and realign teeth.  But aesthetics are not the only reason to consider a visit to your local Frankfort, KY orthodontist, says Dr. Peters.  Sometimes even when teeth appear to be straight, a person’s bite may be unstable and he or she may not even know it.  We are still able to chew and eat, because we are highly adaptive as human beings, says Dr. Peters, but occasionally people can mess up their bite by wearing teeth unusually over other teeth.

Orthodontia may also be able to improve the position of your teeth so that you are more able to keep them clean and free from cavities.  Interestingly, Dr. Peters says that around 40 percent of their orthodontic patients are adults.  “A lot of times people whose parents couldn’t afford braces when they were kids come in for orthodontic procedures as adults because now they are receiving their own paychecks,” says Dr. Peters.

Whether you are worried about your smile’s appearance, are concerned about your bite, or have questions about your children’s need for braces, the dentists at Family Dental Center are available to help.  Their orthodontics experts will be able to evaluate your needs and help improve the function and appearance of your teeth and smile.  They even offer sedation dentistry to help ease your fear and anxiety.  So call today to make a new impression with your smile.

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