How to Fix a Chipped Front Tooth

Nobody wants to chip a tooth. The accident that caused the chip is usually quite painful, and the process of repairing the chip takes what few people can afford to spare. In almost all cases, however, fixing a chipped tooth is a non-negotiable because of the aesthetic component. Dr. Rodney Alles says it is extremely uncommon for a person with an otherwise beautiful smile to be willing to walk around with an un-repaired chipped tooth.

Speaking from his office, Ideal Dental Fort Worth, in Fort Worth, TX, the dentist explains that a chipped tooth can result from a traumatic accident (like tripping and falling or being involved in an automobile accident) or something as simple as hitting one’s mouth with a fork or a mug. In either case, the Fort Worth, TX, dentist says most people would consider a chipped tooth to be an emergency dental situation that needs to be corrected within one or two days of the incident.

To help patients avoid going to work or school with an obviously chipped tooth, the Fort Worth, TX, dentist offers same-day appointments and weekend time-slots for patients. Although people can chip their teeth during regular business hours, Dr. Alles says the majority of these injuries happen during the evenings or early mornings. Although a chipped tooth does not necessary need to be fixed right away – which would be the case with something more painful, like an abscess – it is something that most people typically want to have repaired before they return to work or school the following day.

From an aesthetics point of view, having a chipped tooth can be incredibly embarrassing for a patient. However, Dr. Alles says that whether or not a patient needs to be seen on the same day as when his chip appeared depends on the size of the chip and the tooth that has been affected. If the nerve endings in a tooth have been exposed as a result of the chip, then an emergency visit to a dentist in Fort Worth, TX, is almost always in order.

A chipped front tooth is typically treated with a veneer or a crown, says Dr. Alles. When the chip occurs on a tooth located in the back of the mouth – such as a molar – then Dr. Alles will treat the patient with a composite filling. The Fort Worth, TX, dentist does not recommend composite fillings for chips along the front teeth, because fillings are not as aesthetically pleasing and they do not last for nearly as long as veneers or crowns. A veneer will provide best improvement from an aesthetic point of view, however the cost for this treatment can sometimes be prohibitive for patients on a tight budget.

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