How to Eliminate Symptoms of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is an extremely serious condition that needs to be treated right away. According to Dr. Craig Rubinoff of Rancho Bernardo Periodontics, a periodontist in San Diego, California, people who are concerned that they may have periodontal disease should get in contact with their dental professionals immediately.

Of course, people who do not know the symptoms of periodontal disease might not be sure what to look for when diagnosing this condition. In determining whether periodontal disease could be to blame for the sensitivity or discomfort you may be feeling, Dr. Rubinoff recommends taking a look in the mirror. The San Diego periodontist says the most common symptoms of periodontal disease are red, puffy gums that bleed.

People who notice that their gums appear to have swollen or changed color recently should get in contact with a periodontist in San Diego for help. Another symptom of this disease that most people do not know about is persistent bad breath. Bad breath can be caused by a number of factors – both internal and external – however a periodontist in San Diego will always examine a patient to see if the bad breath he or she is complaining about could be related to a dangerous gum condition.

Another lesser-known symptom of gum disease or periodontal disease is shifting teeth. In the later stages of periodontal disease, some patients will notice that some of their teeth are shifting. If this happens, then Dr. Rubinoff says it is important to see a dental professional immediately. A full evaluation will be necessary in order to determine the cause of the shifting.

If a periodontist determines that periodontal disease is to blame for a patient’s symptoms, then treatment needs to begin immediately. Dr. Rubinoff recommends that patients practice effective brushing and flossing, and that they prepare to undergo a deep cleaning at their dentist or periodontist’s office. In some cases, medication may be necessary, as well.

As a periodontist in San Diego, Dr. Rubinoff gets some patients through referrals from dentists and some through referrals from past patients. Although most dental professionals recommend that adults visit their primary dentists first if they experience pain or discomfort in their mouths, a follow up visit to a specialized provider may be in order for patients whose problems cannot be remedied by a general dentist alone. Dr. Rubinoff and other periodontists frequently see patients whose general dentists or family dentists could not adequately address their periodontal conditions.

For more information on the signs and symptoms of periodontal disease, Dr. Rubinoff recommends contacting his office in San Diego.

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