How to Decide Between Clarity Braces and Invisalign

Patients who want to get their teeth straighter without letting the whole world know that they are wearing orthodontia will frequently ask about the most discreet options when it comes to braces. According to Dr. Dante Gonzales, a popular orthodontist in Dublin, CA, Invisalign and Clarity braces are two popular options for teenagers and adults.

In terms of choosing between Clarity and Invisalign in Dublin, CA, Dr. Gonzales says that responsibility usually falls more on the shoulders of the orthodontist than the patient. Most patients have no idea what types of braces will work well given their unique oral alignment issues, and Invisalign braces are not the best solution for every candidate.

After undergoing a thorough consultation and evaluation, patients will find out from Dr. Gonzales which options will work to correct their alignment issues. Patients can then choose from the options that have been presented based on cost, length of treatment, and aesthetic value. Dr. Gonzales says that almost everyone can be considered a good candidate for Clarity ceramic braces – which feature a translucent appearance that will not discolor or stain – however far fewer people qualify for Invisalign.

Only 70% to 80% of patients who need orthodontia can be considered good candidates for Invisalign. In Dublin, CA, Dr. Gonzales says whether or not a patient can get Invisalign will depend on the person’s bite and what it is he or she is trying to accomplish. In most cases, Dr. Gonzales requires that his patients be at least 12 years of age, or older, before getting Invisalign braces because of the amount of work and responsibility that is required.

Patients who want the most aesthetically pleasing braces possible will almost always go with Invisalign in Dublin, CA. The only times when a patient who wants discreet braces will not opt for Invisalign is if the patient does not feel like he or she is going to be very diligent when it comes to wearing the Invisalign aligners each day and night, explains Dr. Gonzales. If a patient does not feel like he has the maturity to wear his aligners voluntarily all throughout school and after school activities, then he is better off going with Clarity ceramic braces. However, Dr. Gonzales says it is rare for a patient to have this type of foresight in judging his own capabilities and responsibility level.

For more information on Invisalign and Clarity ceramic braces, Dr. Gonzales recommends contacting his office in Dublin.

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