How Serious Is an Impacted Wisdom Tooth?

The removal of impacted wisdom teeth has become a hot button issue as of late, in part because there is a significant amount of misinformation about when wisdom teeth extractions are medically necessary, explains Dr. Lee H. Akin DDS PLLC in Postdam, NY. A teeth extraction expert, Dr. Akin says the majority of people simply do not have enough room in their jaws for their wisdom teeth to erupt as they should.

Most people now are keeping their wisdom teeth at least until they grow in. What they are quickly finding out as their wisdom teeth erupt, however, is that there simply is not enough room for these teeth to come in straight. As a result, wisdom teeth tend to erupt only partially in the mouth. This creates a hygiene problem and makes it very difficult for the average person to keep his or her back teeth clean. Partially erupted wisdom teeth serve as a trap for bacteria, and Dr. Akin says people who let bacteria build up on their back teeth can end up with infections or a condition known as pericoronitis.

Pericoronitis is a common clinical phenomenon among young people who have difficulty keeping their wisdom teeth clean. This lack of hygiene leads to periodontal problems, which leads to an infection. Dr. Akin says pericoronitis should be treated with antibiotic medications and mouth rinses, and explains that a person who has pericoronitis is likely to need a wisdom teeth extraction in Postdam, NY.

Another problem that comes up when wisdom teeth start growing in is they become mal-aligned. When wisdom teeth erupt into the adjacent teeth rather than into the oral cavity, this has the potential to cause damage to other teeth in the mouth. This is yet another scenario in which an dentist who specializes in teeth extraction in Postdam, NY, would need to go in and take out the wisdom teeth in order to preserve the long-term health of other teeth inside the mouth.

A number of studies have come out in recent years showing why it is important to remove impacted and mal-positioned wisdom teeth, the most famous of which is the White Paper from the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS). Dr. Akin recommends that people who are interested in this controversy take the time to look through that report, as it showcases some of the hot button topics related to wisdom teeth extraction that parents and patients are talking about today.

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