How Long Does Teeth Whitening Actually Last?

The length of time that a person can expect his teeth whitening treatment to last will depend on a number of internal and external factors. Although it is impossible for a person to control internal factors like his genetic makeup, it is possible to control certain external factors like the foods he eats. According to the experts at Accurate Family Dental & Dentures in Pittsburgh, teeth whitening will last longer when people take good care of their teeth in between their whitening sessions.

At their office in Pittsburgh, the teeth whitening experts offers three different brands of whitening solution. The outcome that a person can expect from his teeth whitening treatment in Pittsburgh will depend on what type of product or whitening system he is using, in addition to all the other variable factors. Most people find that they get better results when they opt for in-house bleaching with a dentist, rather than using an over-the-counter system from a drugstore or pharmacy. Of course, this is going to depend on the system that the person is using.

At Accurate Family Dental in Pittsburgh, most patients decide which system they want to try based on price and how immediately they need to see returns. A simple syringe system that patients can take at home can cost anywhere from $49 to $99 at Accurate Family Dental. The next step up from that option is Zoom Whitening, which is an in-office treatment that costs $249. With Zoom Whitening, patients can get their teeth up to eight shades whiter in just one hour. The final teeth whitening option available at Accurate Family Dental & Dentures is a deep bleaching tray system.

Ultimately, people are going to get better results when they use a system with stronger materials. Products like Zoom Whitening may cost more than what people could expect to buy at their local drugstores, but these systems are going to work better, as well.

The frequency with which patients should come back in for follow up teeth whitening in Pittsburgh depends on what system they use. Most patients who’ve undergone Zoom Whitening or deep bleaching should come back in at least once each year for follow up treatments. By coming in regularly, patients can prevent their teeth from discoloring. They may also notice their smiles becomes gradually whiter over time.

For more information on teeth whitening treatments, patients should contact Accurate Family Dental in Pittsburgh and scheduling a consultation appointment with a skilled dental professional.

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