How Laser Technology Is Helping Dentists Identify Younger Cavities

Laser technology is significantly impacting the way dentists treat the patients they work with when doing everything from finding and treating cavities to placing and restoring dental implants. In Chevy Chase, Maryland, Dr. James J Stevens DDS is one dentist who has been using these cutting edge medical devices for years.

Of all the equipment that Dr. Stevens uses to detect decay, enhance teeth, and restore dental implants in Chevy Chase, none are potentially more important – or useful – then the DIAGNOdent tool. As Dr. Stevens explains, DIAGNOdent is a type of laser-based dental equipment that top dentists are now using to detect cavities before they turn into large gaping problems.

Dentists have been diagnosing standard cavities using nothing more than traditional tools and their eyes for years, however, laser technology is now making it possible to diagnose cavities before they are visible to the human eye. With DIAGNOdent, a dentist can diagnose hidden cavities before they have time to destroy a tooth’s structure.

The DIAGNOdent laser has been scientifically proven to help dentists identify and diagnose microscopic cavities – also known as dental caries – when they are still “underground” or not visible along the surface of the tooth. When a dentist can get in to treat a cavity at this early stage, he is able to make the necessary repairs while doing minimal damage to the surrounding teeth. This makes for smaller fillings, and decreases the need for more invasive treatments like crowns, root canals, and tooth extractions.

At Dr. Stevens’ practice, patients can feel assured that their dentist is using the highest-quality dental equipment available. Dr. Stevens has been trained in all the latest dental techniques, from veneers and Lumineers all the way to dental implants in Chevy Chase. Patients who undergo multi-step treatments at James J Stevens DDS can get all their work done in one place, which means they don’t have to drive around town finding parking spaces at multiple office complexes.

Being able to get complete dental care in one place is a huge benefit to the patients who choose to make Dr. Stevens their primary dentist. Along with using the latest equipment to diagnose cavities and treat aesthetic issues, Dr. Stevens also handles dental implants in Chevy Chase. He recommends that people who are interested in visiting a practice that uses only the latest equipment and techniques schedule an appointment at the office of James J Stevens DDS.

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