How Does the Biolase Ezlase Laser Benefit Patients?

The Biolase Ezlase laser is a soft tissue laser that has many applications, according to Dr. Benjamin Wang of Centerport Family & Implant Dentistry in Portland. From dental crowns to implants, Dr. Wang says there are a number of procedures that can be improved by using the Biolase Ezlase laser.

At his practice in Portland, Dr. Wang is a dental implants and crowns specialist who uses the Biolase Ezlase laser most commonly when he is performing gum surgery. He typically uses the laser to trim off any excess gum tissue in patients who suffer from periodontal disease or gum disease.

The Biolase Ezlase laser can also be used to treat canker sores in the mouth. By zapping the canker sore with the laser, a dentist can essentially kill off all of the nerve endings and make the canker sore stop hurting. Not only will the sore stop hurting, but Dr. Wang says that the Biolase Ezlase laser can actually help the area heal faster, too.

The results that patients will see and feel after having a treatment with the Biolase Ezlase laser are almost instantaneous. In no time at all, Dr. Wang says patients will begin to feel better and their canker sores will stop hurting. The sores themselves will begin to heal within a day or two of the procedure, in most cases.

When he is not treating patients who need dental crowns in Portland, Dr. Wang is using the Biolase Ezlase laser to whiten patients’ teeth. He says this laser can easily be used to activate a proprietary whitening gel, which works similarly to the Zoom whitening process. Patients who use this technology can get their teeth noticeably whiter in as little as one 30-minute session, says Dr. Wang.

Since he is a dentist who specializes in dental implants and crowns in Portland, Dr. Wang also takes time to mention that the Biolase Ezlase laser can be used to uncover implants. This makes it so that a dentist can uncover implants without having to use a scalpel. Procedures that are done in this way are less painful and they come with shorter recovery times.

Using lasers rather than scalpels is one of the ways that dentists have been able to cut down on the bleeding involved in any implant-related procedures, since the laser cauterizes the tissue while promoting healing at the same time. Oral tissue seems to respond very well to the Biolase Ezlase laser, which is one of the reasons why Dr. Wang is such a fan of this new technology.

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