How Do People Afford Lumineers?

Lumineers are a fantastic option for people who want porcelain dental veneers but aren’t quite comfortable with the invasive process required to put them on. According to Dr. James J Stevens DDS, a popular dentist in Chevy Chase, lumineers have become enormously popular among patients of all ages because of their many aesthetic benefits.

Men and women who would like to cover up perceived defects or flaws in their teeth – typically having to do with stained, misaligned, or misshapen teeth – have another option besides traditional porcelain veneers. Dr. Stevens says lumineers are stronger than traditional veneers and they are significantly thinner, as well. The strength of lumineers is a major draw for people who are considering going this route, since patients will rarely need additional procedures or corrections once their durable lumineers are locked into place. Lumineers also happen to be extremely thin – about as thin as a contact lens – which means they look virtually indistinguishable from a patient’s natural teeth.

Lumineers in Chevy Chase are applied in a way that is different from veneers, and because of this, patients do not have to worry about losing a significant portion of their natural teeth during the placement process. Dr. Stevens is fully certified in the application of lumineers , which helps give patients a sense of assurance that the final outcome of their cosmetic treatments will be just as fantastic as they had hoped for.

So why isn’t everyone having lumineers put on? For one thing, many patients are still under a false assumption that lumineers are extremely expensive. White lumineers are a definite investment, but Dr. Stevens is a lumineers expert in Chevy Chase who says getting lumineers does not have to break the bank.

At his office, Dr. Stevens offers CareCredit specifically for people who need additional funds to pay for lumineers. By working closely with the CareCredit company, Dr. Stevens has been able to increase the availability of funds to patients who are interested in undergoing this type of cosmetic treatment, making it easier than ever before for people to afford Lumineers. Rather than waiting until they have saved up enough money to pay for their Lumineers – or putting their treatment costs on a credit card with high interest rates – Dr. Stevens’ patients are able to finance their cosmetic treatments with CareCredit. After undergoing their procedures, patients then begin making payments to the CareCredit company over a series of months. In most cases, the company charges absolutely no interest whatsoever.

Once the financial aspect of lumineers is taken out of the way, most people are jumping at the chance to sign up and see if they could be considered candidates. At his office in Chevy Chase, the Lumineers specialist recommends that patients schedule consultation appointments to come in and find out whether their teeth are in the right position for lumineers to be placed.

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