How Do Fluoride Treatments Help Prevent Tooth Decay?

Fluoride treatments are incredibly important in helping to prevent tooth decay. However, Houston cosmetic dentist Dr. Mark Kotlarek of Roman Dental is also careful to point out that patients in certain areas of the country do need to be careful to limit the amount of fluoride they have in their diets.

Over the course of the past 18 months, Dr. Kotlarek says information has come out indicating that some people are getting more fluoride than they need. The Houston cosmetic dentist emphasizes that the number of people who fall into this category is quite small. Nonetheless, people in some cities are getting fluoride both in their water supplies and in the foods that they eat.

Restaurants often serve food that was canned with water, explains Dr. Kotlarek, and somewhere along the line that water was boiled. As a result, the water comes off but the minerals – i.e. fluoride – often stay behind. Thus, in some communities people may actually be consuming too much fluoride on a daily basis.

The Houston cosmetic dentist is careful to point out that the number of people getting too much fluoride is extremely small. Given that fluoride treatments do an exceptional job at helping to prevent tooth decay, Dr. Kotlarek says he hasn’t advised any of his patients to forgo fluoride altogether.

Fluoride works by replacing the calcium that is constantly coming out of the teeth. When calcium comes out, it is replaced with saliva. When people have ample fluoride in their diets, that fluoride can get into the teeth and make the roots physically harder. This makes the teeth less prone to decay.

Fluoride treatments come in many different forms. Just recently, Dr. Kotlarek says people have started becoming interested in fluoride mouse. This product, which has a similar texture to pudding, can be applied to the teeth to make them stronger and less susceptible to decay. It also makes them less susceptible to sensitivity. Dr. Kotlarek usually recommends fluoride mouse for younger patients.

The Houston cosmetic dentist also recommends fluoride varnishes. Fluoride varnishes are very popular in Europe, and they are just now becoming popular among children in the U.S. The downside is that these varnishes do put a coating on the teeth for a few days, and they don’t look especially attractive. Thankfully, Dr. Kotlarek says young children generally don’t care if their teeth are coated in a fluoride varnish and the treatment itself lasts for a very long time.

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