How Can an Experienced Dentist Help Reduce Patients’ Dental Anxieties?

The No. 1 thing that a person can do to help relieve his own dental anxieties is to visit the dentist on a regular basis. Frequent dental visits can help almost anyone feel more comfortable with the situation at hand, explains Jacksonville dentist Dr. Millie Tannen of Millie K. Tannen, DDS, PA.

Of course, getting up the courage to visit the dentist even once can be tough for a person with a severe dental phobia. Dr. Tannen says she understands this well, given that she has worked with countless patients who suffered from these very same issues. Nonetheless, she emphasizes that the more often a person goes to his dentist for hygiene visits – whether that is every three months or every six months – the more comfortable he will get with the entire situation.

Most dental phobias start when patients are young. Some people are terrified to go to the dentist because of an experience they had as a child, while others are scared because of something they saw their parents go through. In order to deal with these issues and help people relax, Dr. Tannen and her colleagues now offer a number of different solutions.

One solution that Dr. Tannen has been offering at her office for many years is called oral sedation dentistry or relaxation dentistry. The Jacksonville dentist explains that oral sedation dentistry is a combination of different oral tablets that people take, along with nitrous oxide or laughing gas. This allows people to get very relaxed. While patients who go this route do not actually go to sleep, they do feel completely comfortable.

Oral sedation dentistry is very safe, and patients should feel secure knowing that the Jacksonville dentist is constantly monitoring their blood pressure. Additionally, patients who undergo sedation typically wear small plastic clips on their fingers to make sure they are getting enough oxygen at all times.

After the dental procedure is through, most patients who’ve undergone oral sedation will wake up and be driven home by a friend or loved one. The patient usually naps the rest of the afternoon, and wakes up later feeling refreshed and calm. Oral sedation dentistry is a great way for people who are terrified of going to the dentist to have a really nice, relaxing experience. Because the patient is not aware while under oral sedation, Dr. Tannen says she can do multiple procedures at once. This is excellent news for people who have been postponing getting their dental work done due to fear.

The other form of sedation that can help people with anxiety is nitrous oxide or laughing gas. The big advantage of nitrous oxide – besides it being very, very safe – is that it is reversible. Once the appointment is finished and the treatment is complete, a dentist in Jacksonville will put the patient on 100% oxygen for five or 10 minutes. At that point, the patient should feel totally back to normal – so much so that most patients who go under laughing gas actually drive themselves home from their appointments.

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