How Can a Weatherford, OK Dentist Help People With Bad Breath

Bad breath can be caused by the foods that people eat or the way that they clean their teeth. However, people who have bad breath that will not seem to subside should visit a dentist to make sure a systemic condition is not to blame, says Dr. William W. Uraneck. A dentist in Weatherford, OK, Dr. Uraneck says that he frequently works with patients who come into his office complaining of bad breath or bad tastes in their mouths.

One of the first things any dentist will do is investigate if the bad breath is caused by the teeth or the gums. To do this, Dr. Uraneck and his team of hygienists will probe the gums looking for signs of infections around the teeth. Regardless of whether a visible infection is spotted, Dr. Uraneck will do a thorough teeth cleaning to make sure any debris that could be causing the problem is flushed out of the mouth.

If the gums and the teeth are not to blame for a patient’s bad breath, then Dr. Uraneck says the tongue could be the cause. The tongue can act as a sponge at times, and the Weatherford, OK, dentist says it really behooves people to clean their tongues every day. Ideally, patients should be using special tongue scrapers that they can purchase at their local pharmacies and drug stores for this daily routine. Dr. Uraneck says a person with bad breath should be sliding a scraper over his tongue several times a day. If that eliminates the bad breath, then the person has gotten to the root of the problem. If the bad breath remains, then that is a sign that something else is at play.

A dentist in Weatherford, OK, who is treating a patient with complaints of bad breath will always check the teeth, the gums, and the tongue before moving on to less common culprits. When an easily explainable problem like gingivitis or tongue debris is not to blame, then Dr. Uraneck says the cause of the problem could be in the stomach. Although Dr. Uraneck does not treat stomach problems in his office, he can make a referral to a physician if he believes that is where a patient’s bad breath is coming from.

Another more common bad breath culprit could be food traps inside the mouth. Teeth have soft contacts that trap a lot of food inside, says Dr. Uraneck. If meat gets caught underneath those contacts, then oftentimes that causes odor.

For more information on what could be causing your own bad breath, Dr. Uraneck recommends contacting a dentist in Weatherford, OK, and getting checked out.

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