How Are Lasers Being Used In Cosmetic Dentistry Cases?

When most people think of laser dentistry, they think of cavity preparation, crown lengthening, and other necessary procedures. Increasingly, however, lasers are being introduced into the world of cosmetic dentistry in Needham, MA. According to Dr. Kendrick Brede of Needham Laser Dentistry, men and women can make all sorts of aesthetic changes to their smiles with the use of specialized lasers.

Just recently, Dr. Brede worked with a patient whose daughter was about to get married. This patient had come to Dr. Brede to fix her discolored teeth and gummy smile. This woman’s gummy smile was being caused by her extremely short teeth, which were the type that would typically be seen in an 11 or 12-year-old child. These small teeth did not fit the woman’s anatomy, so Dr. Brede came up with a cosmetic solution that involved the use of specialized lasers and bonding.

Specifically, Dr. Brede was able to repair this woman’s smile with a cosmetic correction procedure that including bonding. At the same time, the Needham, MA, cosmetic dentistry expert used a dental laser to perform a cosmetic elongation of the teeth. By elongating the teeth ever so slightly, Dr. Brede was able to help the woman’s smile look more age appropriate. Even better, he was able to achieve these results without using any scalpels or sutures. The procedure itself took less than 15 minutes to complete.

By not using scalpels to sutures, Dr. Brede cuts down significantly on his patients’ post-operative pain. Precise lasers give the Needham, MA, cosmetic dentistry expert direct control over how he shapes or cuts the teeth and gums, making it possible to establish the proper length and the proper height-to-width ratio of the individual teeth without making any actual incisions. Had this same procedure been done with a scalpel, Dr. Brede estimates the patient would have had to wait up to six weeks for her mouth to fully heal.

In many cases, Dr. Brede will show patients photos of their teeth and they will know something is wrong, even though they can’t pinpoint what it is. In a straightforward aesthetic case, the issue could be something as simple as a tooth that’s mistakenly short. Dr. Brede can reshape the gums to make the teeth match the neighborhood in virtually no time at all.

Lasers take away the variable factors that can influence recovery time and pain levels for patients undergoing cosmetic dentistry procedures in Needham, MA. They also give dentists the chance to fix virtually any aesthetic issue that may be hurting the overall look of their patients’ smile.

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